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DET Voices #8 Quality in Work and Life 👩‍🔧👷‍♀️👍

In manufacturing, we constantly pursue the best quality to satisfy our customers and make our world better. Let’s hear from four Delta QA/QC women about quality why quality is so important in our work and lives…

Delta 99 Episode 1-3🙏😊💚

Welcome to Delta 99 Episodes 1-3 by your special host-Jackie Chang! What is Delta 99? Who is Jackie, and what is he starting at Delta Thailand? What does Delta mean to Jackie and to all of us? Let’s watch and find out…

📣Say It Out Loud: Thai, Diverse and PROUD!🏳‍🌈

Loud and Proud

DET’s Human Rights Policy protects all regardless of gender orientation. For the first time in the Delta Group, DET shares our LGBT community’s voices speaking about Pride Month, safety, equality and respect at work…

DET Voices #7 Working for Life👩‍🔧👷‍♀️💪💚

When times are hard it’s good to know that there are still stable jobs for you to choose to make your life. Let’s hear from our hardworking DET women about what work and live at Delta means to them…

Delta ๙๙ (99) Interview With ECEA | Delta a Life You Can Choose👩‍🔧👷‍♀️👩‍💻💙

Delta Life

In our 4 episodes of our new Delta ๙๙ (99) video series, we interview an industry expert to learn more about Thailand’s electronics industry and see some reasons why you can choose a safe and stable workplace at Delta…

Facts About the COVID-19 Vaccine👨‍⚕️💚

AZ Vaccine

Watch a video interview with a doctor from Bumrungrad International Hospital to learn more about the COVID-19 vaccine…

Learning English at DET is FUN😁💡!

Delta English Business Communication Class

Delta Thailand just wrapped up our first 2021 English Business Communication Course. A big congratulations to all our students! Let’s watch 2 fun video presentations by our smart students…

Delta Thailand President’s May Day Video Message

After one year, we are unfortunately still facing the big challenge of COVID-19 as we wait for global vaccines. Your safety and health is our top priority …

DET Keeps Calm and Carries On During COVID-19🔔💚

Find out how to stop worrying and protect yourself from COVID-19…

DET Teams Dance for Delta on Delta 50 Year Anniversary💃🕺🤣

Check out the fun dances our DET teams did to celebrate Delta Group’s 50 Year Anniversary…