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Celebrating Our Furry Friends on International Dog Day🐶💚

August 26 International Dog Day is a time to celebrate our awesome and adorable furry friends. Meet our dog-lover Deltans and their canine friends who can make life more fun, happy and meaningful…

Glory and History for India With 48th Rank in 4 Categories at Tokyo Olympics 2020🥇🥈🥉🎉


India was 48th in Tokyo’s medal tally, its highest ranking in more than 40 years. Let’s relive the glory of India’s Olympian heroes who made history at this year’s games…

Making a Perfect Cup of Coffee at Home or the Office☕😍

If you’re a coffee lover like me, the first thing to do every morning is to make that perfect cup of coffee. That first sip is wonderful, blissful and full of too many feelings to describe. Let’s learn all about brewing…

Learning English at DET is FUN😁💡!

Delta English Business Communication Class

Delta Thailand just wrapped up our first 2021 English Business Communication Course. A big congratulations to all our students! Let’s watch 2 fun video presentations by our smart students…

Love Yourself by Not Making Excuses to Skip Exercise🧘‍♀️🥰💚

We can easily forget how long we spend with our heads down looking at the phone, but now it’s time we love ourselves enough to care about our health and start exercising…

DET Teams Dance for Delta on Delta 50 Year Anniversary💃🕺🤣

Check out the fun dances our DET teams did to celebrate Delta Group’s 50 Year Anniversary…

All About Adobo! The Story and Cooking Method of The Most Famous Filipino Dish🍗

The Philippines is known in many countries for our hardworking Filipinos scattered all over the world and for our famous dish-Adobo! Let’s learn all about this delicious dish…

Six Lucky Fun Facts About Chinese Lunar New Year🧨🧧🎉

Chinese New Year is an ancient Chinese festival. But how much do Thais know about it? Discover 6 lucky fun facts about the holiday that your Ah Mah or Ah Gong from the old country never told you before…

Play the 2nd 360 Quiz✅🤗!

Our 360 QUIZ is BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! Don’t miss the 2nd big chance to be one of the 20 lucky winners to win an original Delta reusable face mask…

How I Take My Travel Selfies📷🏄‍♂️

Many people take selfies with a camera or smartphone in your hand or on a selfie stick. I try to take my travel selfies in different ways…