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Delta Singapore Year End Event 2022 – Ignite your Fire🔥🙌💚

As Singapore transits towards living with COVID-19, Delta Singapore brought back our much anticipated in-person year-end event. Find out more about this educational and inspiring activity that brings all our people together…

Highlights from DET’s Massive 2023 New Year Celebrations🤠🤩🎊

Delta Thailand held one of the biggest year-end events ever at our Delta Plant 5 Head Office. This year we celebrated our victory over COVID-19 and business success with a huge country-themed bash. Get in on all the action here…

Highlights of the DET One-Day Engagement Camp: DETERMINATION💪⚡


At Delta, “Determination” refers to the spirit to strive and complete difficult goals and even rebound in times of adversity to complete our mission. Here are some highlights of our teambuilding event on this important theme…

Discussing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Delta Thailand SD Week 2022🎙🏳‍🌈

The theme of this year’s annual Sustainable Development (SD) Week at Delta Thailand was Diversity, Inclusion and Equity. Get highlights of the discussion with an academic, celebrity and Delta representatives about this hot topic…

Interviews with Delta Thailand 2022 Long Service and Employee Award Winners🏆🤣

We all know having a supportive boss, workmates or spouse plays a BIG role in our success at Delta. Watch fun and interesting interviews with winners of the Delta Thailand Long Service and Employee Awards 2022…

Delta Thailand Hosts Plant Tour for 2022 Intern Class💡🤓💚

We were happy to have many students from top Thai universities join our 2022 Delta Thailand Internship Program this year. Here’s a look at some of the fun and learning activities for young talents at Delta…

DET HR Podcast Part 2: How to achieve work-life balance!💪👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💚

We hear “Work-Life Balance” a lot, but what does it mean? Why do we need a good match in both job skills and career growth for a happy life? Watch our podcast where we have a frank but casual chat on this important topic…

Memories from our Thai New Year Songkran at Delta Thailand🙏💚

Delta Thailand held a traditional Merit-Making ceremony for the Thai New Year or Songkran. See some highlights of our activities to pray for success and wish everyone a safe trip home for the 1-week long holiday…

Celebrating Lunar New Year in Singapore🧧🍜

Lunar New Year in Singapore is an exciting time for the whole family with bright decorations adorning malls, family feasts and mahjong games. Join me as we explore the meaning behind our favorite festival dishes…

Delta Thailand 2021 Long Service Awards Ceremony


Delta Thailand held our Long Service Award for 2021 to recognize and appreciate each of our people who have continuously contributed to our success throughout all these years. THANK YOU…