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Clean Water for Clean Future

By Rachna Kango, Delta India

Clean water is something many people take for granted; when they’re thirsty, they simply turn on a tap or open a bottle of water.

But this is not the case for an estimated 1 in 3 people around the world who lack access to safe drinking water. In India, the scarcity of water affects hundreds of millions of people across the country. A major portion of the population does not have a reliable and constant means of getting water for their daily needs.

More than two crore children in India are experiencing extremely high-water vulnerability, according to one analysis. Extreme water vulnerability combines the highest levels of physical water scarcity risks and the lowest levels of drinking water service that affect a given population.

Safe drinking water and adequate sanitation are fundamental to ensuring children are healthy and attend school. To support this, Delta has contributed by providing RO purifying system to a school in Kurubarapalli in the Krishnagiri District of Tamil Nadu. Delta believes having access to clean drinking water facilities in educational establishments plays a significant role in making the right to education a reality.

A child’s learning can be significantly impeded if the school they attend does not have drinking water. Children who drink contaminated water are at significant risk of falling ill and, as a result, leaving school. Thus having access to safe drinking water means that students will attend school more, which leads to greater social development and, ultimately, increased economic development in the country.

Education is one of the most powerful tools to ensure sustainable development, and thus it remains a cornerstone for Delta’s CSR initiatives.

Delta understands the urgency and the need as to why the rural education sector needs corporate social commitments. Delta is committed to providing support in a multifaceted manner to facilitate the education of children from the most vulnerable sections of our society.

Delta has always been at the forefront of providing aid to the community. Delta had supported the nation’s fight against COVID-19 through our donation of oxygen concentrators to authorities in Krishnagiri District in Tamil Nadu and ICU beds to Uttarakhand Government as our small contribution to facilitate the treatment of patients in the state.

The last couple of years, riddled by the pandemic, has been challenging for India. However, an important lesson this pandemic has taught is that all stakeholders need to come together to fight the inequities in our society. As part of our commitment to the nation, Delta’s CSR interventions will be aimed to aid the most vulnerable sections and communities.

About the Author (Guest Contributor)

Almost 14 years of experience in strategic and corporate planning roles across sectors like cement, cars, commercial vehicles and power electronics have given me enriching exposure to varied environments and work cultures. I really strive on my problem solving and analytical skills which help me to define a problem and then contemplate its solution. I am an avid traveller who loves to visit new places and explore new things with my family and friends.

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