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Delta India to Gain Momentum with Corporate and Education Audio Visual Solutions

By Hemant Agarwal, Business Head-Display Solutions, Delta India

In this interview with AV-ICNx, Hemant talks about growth trends in the interactive display market, the latest innovations from Delta and the market going forward.

Globally the interactive display market has been steadily growing over the past years. How has the growth been for Vivitek so far in an emerging market like India?

The Indian Interactive Flat Panel Display (iFPD) Market is highly competitive with the presence of a large number of interactive flat panel manufacturers. We have seen rapid growth in demand for iFPDs, especially in last 18-20 months. There has been an exponential increase in the number of enquiries for iFPDs specifically in applications like Education and Collaborative rooms. For Vivitek in India, we look at iFPD as one of our growth Engines for the next 2-3 years.

Do you feel the 32–65” panel size interactive display market will hold the largest share in the year to come? And in which segment (education/hospitality/corporate etc.) do you envision increased demand for interactive displays in India?

We feel 32-65” sizes will mostly go for Hospitality and Signage applications. Interactive displays attract more visitors as they offer detailed and progressive versions of the content than just visual sources of information. Companies are using interactive displays to build product awareness, enhance customer experience, and reinforce brand value. Sizes from 65” and upwards will form the main requirement for Educations and Corporate segments.

What are the latest innovations in Interactive Displays from Vivitek for varied application segments?

Vivitek’s Interactive flat panel display (NovoTouch) already has wireless presentation and collaboration functionality via the integrated Vivitek NovoConnect technology, enabling full BYOD support and intuitive connectivity. The new NovoTouch EK Series interactive flat panels are an all-in-one solution. The touch screen range combines wireless collaboration, digital whiteboard, and active announcement board function into one display, most suited for the Education Segment.

With a 20-point touch, 4K resolution, screencasting and collaboration, the new series completes Vivitek range of interactive panel displays. It has a built-in Digital signage feature which actively delivers information between the lessons or during downtime. Schools and colleges can publish notices, sports events, course schedules, canteen menu, and more.

How is NovoTouch unique or different from other interactive displays in the market?

At Vivitek, we follow more of a customer-centric approach and believe in providing a solution to customers that goes beyond wireless connectivity. These days, customers ask for true collaboration tools that enable the moderator and participants to share and annotate content in real-time. This is where the real value in collaboration lies, as decisions can be made quickly and challenges addressed promptly. Novo Touch takes care of all this. The power comes from integration with NovoConnect Solution which allows for up to 64 participants to connect in a digital workspace and wirelessly display their content to the main screen with features like voting, polling and instant file sharing.

Even guests in a corporate environment can connect without any preparation by just connecting the LauncherPlus USB device to wirelessly connect to the workspace as well. offer users complete cable-free connectivity to a variety of devices. It allows to display up to 4 screens simultaneously. Tools such as Collaboration-moderation and screen preview, Cross-platform screen mirroring (which supports iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu, Chromebook, Airplay and google cast), wireless file-sharing turn NovoTouch into a truly collaborative solution to engage all participants in the meeting.

If you have to name one single component, which makes NovoTouch an award-winning product, what would it be?

To talk about only one single component will be tough as NovoTouch is a Solution Box. One add on feature which NovoTouch comes with is that it has a built-in Digital Signage application. With this, it supports a variety of online content like Twitter, RSS feed, weather information, IP streaming, webpages and cloud signage, besides supporting various file formats like video, audio, images etc. to multiple displays from one server or cloud.

Which specific market segments are you targeting with the NovoTouch?

Interactive displays have now become a necessity for collaboration and act as an integral part of our business, educational and personal lives. Interactive displays that were once recognized by those ahead of the technological curve, have now gained mass-market acceptance.

Talking about specific segments for NovoTouch, Education is one where there is a sudden rise in demand for interactive whiteboard in schools, institutions, and universities. These displays are useful for learning and teaching. The interactive display allows teachers to share text, screen, video, and audio files with students easily.

The other segment is the Corporate Sector, where we have seen a consistent demand for interactive displays for wireless collaboration and file sharing.

It is safe to say that Delta has a major share of the DLP video wall market in India. What was the strategy you adopted to capture this market and would you be employing a similar strategy to win the interactive display market?

Yes, Delta leads the DLP Video wall market in India. Delta, now a US$9 billion group, has always been focused on innovation and systematically developing new products and technologies, thus making us a leader in the technology domain. We have our own manufacturing hub in India and offer turnkey solutions to our customers which enabled us to position ourselves advantageously in the regional market. That has understandably contributed to our success journey.

Besides, Delta has always laid emphasis on uncompromising quality parameters, so the products rolled out onto the market, deliver incredible performance making it a compelling solution. Then, of course, is our after-sales-support complementing the technology deployment. For, great technology and a great performance would not win the customer confidence if they are not backed up by after-sales support, so we lay equal emphasis on that aspect as well.

We intently continue to pursue the success formula for interactive displays as well.

What are the company’s short and long-term goals for the Indian market in terms of product development and deployment across your different verticals?

For a plain matter of confidentiality, we would not be able to share the roadmap or specifics of our action plan. But yes, with the kind of investments that Delta is making in India, the future looks very bright. Our focus is on continuing the leadership position in the display industry which we currently have. We dedicate adequate time and resources towards expanding market presence for the Vivitek line of products.

Any new innovation from Delta/ Vivitek that the industry can look forward to in the near future?

Talking about Vivitek, we had recently launched the NC-X700 and the NC-X900 to Vivitek’s range of NovoConnect devices. Both add-on devices are ideally suited to those who already have a screen or a projector, but wish to enhance or extend their existing AV infrastructure with wireless presentation functionality, or maximize their screen use with digital signage. These new models stand out in the market for facilitating more than just a wireless connection, and instead offer true collaboration. Users of the NC-X700 and the NC-X900 are able to share their content wirelessly from any device to the main screen.

For enhanced convenience, NC-X700 and the NC-X900 users can also connect using the Windows 10 Miracast. In addition, NC-X900’s dual-WiFi capacity enables native Windows (Miracast), Mac OS and iOS (AirPlay), and Android (Google Cast) mirroring, eliminating the need for installing any software. This will be the future of collaboration.

About the Author (Guest Contributor)

With 30+ years in the industry, I strive to make Delta a leader in the Indian display market and expand across APAC as Cluster Head for Delta’s Display Solutions and Building Automation Business in India. I’m passionate about building strong teams and empowering people. As a perfectionist, I appreciate the exceptional over the usual and love learning about new technologies, innovations, exploring new places and trekking.

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