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Delta Thailand SD Week 2019: Setting a New Milestone for Female Empowerment

By David Nakayama, DET Corp Comms

Bangkok, Thailand, October 21-24, 2019-Delta Thailand (DET) kicked off its 2019 Sustainable Development (SD) Week with the official launch of Women in STEM Workforce Readiness and Development Program supported by an international organization. In the first-ever collaboration of its kind for a Delta group company, DET joined the regional program to upskill female employees at major industry leaders of ASEAN nations.

The three-year program aims to train women in hard and soft skills critical for the Industry 4.0 era workplace. Since September, around 40 female leaders from production have already started the soft-skills course. After completing the course at the DET Training Centre, these students will disseminate the knowledge and skills with their teams according to the train-the-trainers model.

With women making up 70% of the over 10,000 strong workforce in Thailand, female empowerment is a lynchpin of DET’s sustainable development. DET is proud to be the first Delta Group company to launch this unique female empowerment program as part of our many educational and training opportunities and scholarships for our women and children. DET Production, HR, SD and Comms are collaborating to raise enrollment and implement a complete program rollout at all DET plants.

After the launch ceremony, the DET SD Team hosted the DET Talk speech contest as part of the annual DET SD Week. This year’s DET Talk invited three speakers to share their thoughts under the theme “Change”. The three participants and topics of the 2019 DET Talks were:

  1. Kesnapa Pueng-U: Well-being Through Lifetime Learning
  2. Chananchida Ngenthong: Becoming a Better Me
  3. Jakgrit Chanasook: Celebrating our Differences at Work (I, You, They or We)

DET Marketing shared the three speeches on the Delta Thailand Facebook Page and invited all employees to watch and vote by liking and sharing. On the October 28 voting deadline, the DET SD Team tallied up each speaker’s points and announced the results online. Congratulations to Ms. Kesnapa Pueng-U for winning the DET Talk 2019 first prize!

Throughout SD Week 2019, the DET SD Team kept up the positive momentum with fun contests and a rambunctious flash mob activity with the DET Volunteers at the company canteen. These activities leveraged the fun-loving nature of Thai culture to get everyone at DET onboard with reducing plastic waste by using reusable bags and containers.

In its third year, the DET SD Week is an annual activity organized by the DET SD Team that emphasizes hands-on activities and employee-led initiatives to spark interest, educate and inspire. The unique Thai flair for festivity and the empowered local women driving SD Week encourages everyone at DET to joy our mission to build a sustainable community at Delta Thailand.



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