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Delta Thailand Signs MOUs with Three Taiwan Universities to Collaborate in Internship and Training for Thai Students


By David Nakayama, DET Corp Comms

Delta Thailand continues to strengthen ties with top universities in Taiwan to provide training, internship and employment opportunities for Thai and Southeast Asian students. The partnerships also benefit the universities and Delta by facilitating knowledge and talent exchange, joint research and talent development.

This year Delta Thailand renewed an MOU with National Cheng Kung University and signed two new MOUs with two universities in Taiwan and one school in Chiang Mai Thailand.

May 30, 2022, MOU signing with 慈濟大學Tzu Chi University and Chiang Mai Tzu Chi School

Tzu Chi University, Chiang Mai Tzu Chi School and Delta Thailand signed an MOU for cooperation to cultivate outstanding talents and provide employment opportunities for Thai students. The MOU was signed at Tzu Chi University with online attendance by Chiang Mai Tzu Chi School.

Jackie Chang, Delta Thailand President, Ingrid Y. Liu, Tzu Chi University President and Yin Wenxian, Chiang Mai Tzu Chi School President signed the MOU with effect from June 1, 2022 to May 28, 2025. Under the agreement the three parties will:

  • Conduct practical exchanges such as talent cultivation, academic exchanges, apprenticeships, and internships.
  • Graduates who are Thai or overseas Chinese students from Northern Thailand will be selected to return to work in Delta Thailand.
  • All parties will conduct visits and exchanges of personnel to gain experience in practical operations and management. Exchange activities will also include lectures and cooperative scientific research.
  • Encourage learning exchanges, apprenticeships, internships and other activities among the faculty, staff and students of the three parties.

There are currently about 2-300 foreign students at Tzu Chi University with six Thai students are currently enrolled. The medical resources and state management departments are more related to Delta’s business operations.

Director Kuang-Chi Chen of the Tzu Chi University Department of Medical Resources said that five alumni of the department are now working in the IT department at Delta. He hopes that future students will have the opportunity to work at Delta or Delta Thailand as well.

Director Lyndon Chu of the Tzu Chi University National Management Program said that the program plans for senior students to participate in internship courses for six months to one year with the opportunity to intern at Delta Thailand under the agreement.

June 1, 2022, MOU signing with 中興大學 National Chung Hsing University

Delta Thailand National Chung Hsing University (NCHU) sign MOU for talent development. Under the agreement, Delta and NCHU will promote academia-industry collaboration for scientific research and talent education. The MOU signing was attended by Jackie Chang, Delta Thailand President, Benjamin Lin, Delta India President, and NCHU President, Fuh-Sheng Shieu The effective period is from June 1 2022 to May 28 2025.

Areas of cooperation and implementation between both parties include:

  • Encouraging collaboration for academic exchange program and practice to foster talent.
  • Visits or exchange programs for lectures, research collaboration, practical and managerial experience sharing between administrative managers and staffs.
  • Encouraging internship and exchange programs involving faculty members, students, and staff among both parties.

NCHU focuses on the development of smart agriculture and smart manufacturing. In the future, it will also promote international people exchange and industrial practices. At present, there are about 40-50 Thai students at NCHU. In response to the Taiwan government’s New Southbound policy, more Southeast Asian students will be enrolled in the future.


June 2, 2022, MOU signing with 成功大學 National Cheng Kung University

The National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) Butterfly Project aims to promote overseas students to participate in industry-university cooperation opportunities and foster overseas talents. NCKU leverages its brand image to cooperate with well-known Taiwanese companies in customized programs in-line with Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy.

In December 2019, NCKU and Delta Thailand signed a MOU for collaboration in the NCKU Butterfly Project and this year both parties will renew the agreement. The partnership aims to train students as professionals and enhance practical skills while implementing collaborative teaching and research in the industry.

The MOU signing was attended by Jackie Chang, Delta Thailand President, Benjamin Lin, Delta India President, and NCKU Vice President,Fong-Chin Su The effective period is from June 2 2022. NCKU and Delta Thailand actively strives for a 100% increase in the number of internships with an increase from three to six internship positions.

Each Thai intern in the NCKU program can receive the following support:

  • One round-trip air ticket to Thailand for internship
  • $500 monthly living expenses
  • Accommodation during internship
  • Shuttle service during the internship

About the Author (Editorial Team)

If content is king, there must be a kingmaker. And the universal theme in my favorite stories is our innate human desire for freedom. I have a master’s degree in Chinese education and experience spanning industries and countries. As the Comms guy at DET, I’m obsessed with the stories behind our products and people. Share your stories with me @ https://www.linkedin.com/in/yushi-david-nakayama/

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