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DET Voices #4: My Life, My Choices👷‍♀️👩‍🔧🙋‍♀️💚

Welcome back to our 4th episode of DET Voices! Today we can hear from four frontline DET employees in QC, Production, Training and Operations about how they make the choices that help them and their families live a happy life!

In our modern world, we can use technology to access opportunities to learn and grow change our own destiny. We don’t need to limit ourselves within our environment because-Life is what you make of it! 

Our four diverse Delta employees share in their own words what they think about the four questions on the choices that create your own happiness:

  1. How do you think our choices affect our lives?
  2. What is the best choice you have made in your life, and why?
  3. How do your family and friends support your choices and your successes?

Sirirat Sodthaisong, DET5 CNBU IPQC

My family supports everything I choose to do in life because they would like me to be true to who I am inside. They give me the freedom to think for myself, even if I sometimes make a mistake.

My friends (are supportive) too. Many times I have different opinions with them but they still support me and encourage me to be what I want to be.

So my success is from my family and friends. As they are the people who are always beside me and who encourage me to achieve everything. And my Delta colleagues are also like my family, my family and my best friends. You just can’t be successful without family and friends!

Ms. Rattana Sonna, DET5 Training

First, for the question: How do you think our choices affect our lives? In my opinion, biggest the way our choices affect our lives is that they let us know (for sure) what our life’s goal is. We know what we would like to do/be when we choose to act. And if we do things with a passion and we love what we do, then we can achieve our goals.

As for the question: How do you measure success in life? We can be happy living in the present every day. A feeling of sufficiency doesn’t come from constantly thinking about what we don’t have. If we aren’t lacking in anything we can be happy and this (happiness) is the meaning of a successful life.

Ms. Nilapat Panyapachum, DET5 NPI Production Operator

Choosing to work at Delta is the best choice of my life! As the company provides me with good welfare, great colleagues, an excellent support team and a nice supervisor.

Besides, Delta has many activities for employees to participate in like sport games (at Sports Day) and many other fun occasions such as making merit (traditional Thai Buddhist ceremony) and the Delta New Year Party and more…

Thanyaphorn Charoensub (Offi), DET Productivity Improvement Team

In my opinion, everyone wants to be a success. But the point is we cannot know beforehand which choice will be the best for our lives.

If we choose the right choice, it will bring success. But if that choice is not right, it still doesn’t mean you’ve failed everything in your life. In fact, it’s quite the opposite!

Your bad choice can just teach you (a life lesson) and give you a valuable experience on how to overcome this obstacle. So we all just need to change our view on failure.

Whatever choice you choose, every choice is a chance for learning. Remember the most successful people have failed many times before their triumph!

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