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Delta’s EV Charging Innovation Play Key Role in Nissan Blue Switch Program’s Energy Sharing Ambition


By David Nakayama, DET Corp Comms

Bangkok, Thailand, January 27, 2022 – Delta Thailand joined the official launch of the Nissan Blue Switch Program to the ASEAN Region as an electric vehicle (EV) charging partner to Nissan Motor Thailand. As a pioneer of AC, DC and Bi-directional V2X EV charging solutions in Thailand, Delta brings all the key EV charging innovations to support Nissan’s new Nissan Electrification Experience Center and energy share plan in Thailand.

Started in 2018 in Japan, the Nissan Blue Switch program is one activity supporting the long-term Nissan Ambition 2030. The Blue Switch program promotes the use of EVs to help communities, from disaster relief efforts to providing energy management solutions. In Nissan Energy Share, EVs act as mobile storage batteries to supply homes and society with electricity.


In Thailand, Delta will join the Thailand Electricity Generation Authority (EGAT) and Nichicon Thailand to support the Nissan Electrification Experience Center. Delta offers our original AC, DC and Bi-directional V2X EV charging solutions while Nichicon Thailand offers their original Power Mover EVPower Station, a portable V2L (Vehicle to Load) system that allows EVs to be used as emergency and outdoor power sources.

Since 2019, Delta Thailand supports Nissan in Thailand as the primary provider of EV charging including AC charging, DC fast charging and charger management. Delta is now introducing our Bi-directional V2X EV charging innovation to support new energy applications for EVs and smart grids. Nissan LEAF drivers can use both Delta AC and DC fast chargers at dealerships across the country.

About the Author (Editorial Team)

If content is king, there must be a kingmaker. And the universal theme in my favorite stories is our innate human desire for freedom. I have a master’s degree in Chinese education and experience spanning industries and countries. As the Comms guy at DET, I’m obsessed with the stories behind our products and people. Share your stories with me @ https://www.linkedin.com/in/yushi-david-nakayama/

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