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Delta Southeast Asia Takes Industrial Automation Training Online

By Charles Lee, DET IA

From Chinese New Year on, we saw the COVID-19 morph from an epidemic in Wuhan, China to become a full-fledged global pandemic disrupting work and life in Thailand, Southeast Asia and now the world. Because of lockdowns and social distancing measures implemented worldwide, we saw most of our partners and potential customers shift to work from home.

To adapt to these changes, the Delta Thailand Industrial Automation team in Thailand and Singapore opted to create and launch a series of webinars to stay connected with our customers throughout this difficult time and learn more about our target audiences.

Eiffel Hsieh, DET IA, at Manufacturing Expo Bangkok

During the development stage, we tried several webinar platforms and tools like Skype, Handout, Microsoft Teams and Zoom. We did a comprehensive audit of each platform’s audio quality, attendance limit, function and cost while taking in other considerations specific to our region. Finally, we choose Zoom as the best platform and tool for our webinar requirements.

By the middle of March, more and more Southeast Asian governments announced further restrictions on gatherings and movement. This motivated our team to go ahead with our internal trial webinar launch on March 30~31, 2020.

After our successful trial, we felt it was time to announce our official Delta IA training webinar schedule to the public. Our two-week public webinar started on April 6 and ended April 17 with presentations every morning 9:00-10:00AM from Monday to Friday.

Each of our webinars introduced new Delta IA products and solutions available in Southeast Asia including our PLC, VFD, Servo, HMI, robot, network and IIoT and CNC. Eiffel Hsieh and myself from the Thailand team and Calvin Ong from Singapore presented the IA topics. We also had one guest IPS webinar presented by IPS sales director Benjamin Tan.

Charles Lee (left), DET IA, and Calvin Ong (right), Delta Singapore IA, at ITAP Singapore

After the second week, we tallied up the results and found that we got around 100~200 participants for each webinar from around the world with the majority from Southeast Asia. Many of the attendees were our distributor partners with some end users joining as well.

All in all, we successfully used the webinars to connect with our partners and customers and give in-depth training in Delta IA products. This will help them push sales in a wider range of applications and offer them as answers to even more specific customer needs.

Of course, this project is still very much a work in progress and as field application engineers we can definitely polish our skills as webinar presenters. One of the main areas we’ll be working on now is learning how to present Delta products well within a limited time frame.

With the success of our first webinar series, DET IA plans to have more webinars soon. The timeframe, contents and target audience of our future webinars will depend on the needs and policy of each Southeast Asian market.

About the Author (Guest Contributor)

I joined Delta China in 2012 as a field application engineer and I’ve been a product manager at Delta Thailand since 2017. I’m responsible for Southeast Asia with a focus on control products like PLC, HMI, Network, IIoT, SCADA and Machine Vision. Please feel free to ask me anything about Industrial Automation at CHARLES.LEE@deltaww.com.

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