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DET Voices #10 Goals for Work and Life🎯🥇🙋‍♀️

Every New Year is a precious chance to celebrate our achievements, set new goals and start fresh on a new chapter of your life. Isn’t it good to know that we all have the power to become a better version of ourselves and make our dreams a reality?

As we enter 2022 at Delta, we can learn from our experiences and make the decisions today that will make us and our families proud. In this New Year special edition of DET Voices, we hear from six positive and active Delta women who answer the following questions in their own words:

  1. What are your goals for the New Year in 2022?
  2. Why is important to have personal goals work and life?
  3. What actions are you taking to reach your goals, and why?
  4. What are work and life goals are you most proud of reaching, and why?


DET Voices #10 Goals for Work and Life

Hello, my name is Piyanat Thienchom. I’m in the automotive department, SMT QC. As for my goals for 2022, I would like to do the job that our supervisor has assigned and work to the best of my ability. What I see as quality is making sure our products go out in the best condition as possible and to make our customers satisfied.

It’s very important to have goals. That is why we come to work each day. I want to save money for my future and my family.

I want to have a house because now I am a resident of Samutprakan and I have some land but I still haven’t built my home yet. So my most important goal is to build my house and I’m trying to work and save money for it. To achieve the goal, I have to be diligent, patient and know how save money so I will have saving for retirement.

I worked here for almost 24 years. I have a chance to study while working here. So my salary got better. Having a chance to graduate bachelor’s degree was my greatest pride.

I’m most proud of how I continued to study while working at the company for about 24 years. My income improved and I was able to earn a bachelor’s degree. I’m so proud to get a bachelor’s degree. The company has given the opportunity to get an education and work with pride.

DET Voices #10 Goals for Work and Life

My name is Ms. Nantapat Sae Tun, in the SMT department. I’ve set myself five life goals for 2022.

  1. Do a good job
  2. Be happy in my daily life
  3. Take care of my family. I want my son to graduate and make us parents proud
  4. Manage money well with good savings and spending
  5. Be healthy especially with the risk of COVID-19 now

My goal in life is to do whatever it takes to avoid contracting disease. I want to live a healthy life.

Having goals helps show us how to live our lives well. Goals will make us successful in everything in our career and life plans. If we have a good life plan, and we stick to it everything in our live will be successful.

Everything is depends on our actions. Our family encourages us to keep going so it’s a matter of pride to carry on.

Whether it’s in our studying, working or anything else. If our family supports us, we will have a good life.

DET Voices #10 Goals for Work and Life

My name is Ms. Ketkanok Thummawong in DIVU. I have three goals for next year.

  1. Graduate with a bachelor’s degree
  2. Have a stable career
  3. Make my family proud

If we don’t have goals in life, we won’t know what to do each day. We may not be successful or make any progress at all. We need to plan before doing things so we will make as few mistakes as possible.

If we don’t have a goal in life, we don’t know what we have to do each day.

Not planning ahead can cause problems that are difficult or impossible to solve. 

To have a stable job and proud family is important because it gives us the encouragement to achieve our goals. 

Our family and close friends are always beside us to support us or to cheer us up.

DET Voices #10 Goals for Work and Life

My name is Kwanjai Kalong. My goal for 2022 is to build my future. I want to stability for myself and my family. We can create a better future with a good job and money. Everyone must have goals in life. If we don’t have a goal in life to drive ourselves then we can’t see any future for ourselves at all.

First and foremost, you need to focus, set goals, plan and take action. Everything we aim for should be for a better future and for our families. 

The goals that I’m most proud of are the successes in life. If I do something to build on what I’ve already accomplished, I will be even more proud of what I have done over the years.

DET Voices #10 Goals for Work and Life

Hello, I’m Thanyarak Ketmanee. I’m in the Production Department. My goal in 2022 is to have my own business. I want to run my own business and have more time to spend with my family.

I want to return to live in my hometown. I will work hard to save money without spending extravagantly or wasting money. 

I want to earn enough money to support myself and my family.

DET Voices #10 Goals for Work and Life

My name is Suthisa Sakhan, a production supervisor in the MSBU department. My goals in 2022 are divided into two parts, personal goals and work goals.

For work, I set personal goals to develop more in my field of work. I want to learn more about our job in order to make the most of my career.

My goals in 2022 are divided into 2 parts for myself and my work. I want to develop myself in the working field. I want to learn more to make a good quality at work. And for myself, I want to build a good family. Setting goals will help me focus on what I want

My personal goal is to have a stable family. I want to buy a house for my parents. Having personal goals gives me something to focus on. 

I decide how to live or work each day to reach my goals. I want to do everything to live my life to the fullest. I want to make full use of my abilities so I won’t regret it later.

If I work hard and don’t lose focus on what I should do, then I think everything will turn out well. My dream is to have a house of my own for my parents because it’s our dream since childhood. 

I want something built with my own two hands. I want to make my parents proud to more comfortable.

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