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DET Voices #11 Delta Women Working on a Dream👩‍🔧👷‍♀️💚!

May Day is a celebration of all our hardworking people who build a career at Delta and support our sustainable growth in Thailand. Did you know that most of the people working at Delta Thailand are women and Thai nationals?

Unlike other manufacturers in this country, we give priority to Thai citizens when hiring in Production. Delta Thailand is proud to deliver “Made in Thailand” products built by Thais to the world.  

In this May Day 2022 special video edition of DET Voices, we present videos of four diligent and ambitious Delta Thailand women who have taken advantage of opportunities at Delta to build up a rewarding career and make their families proud. They answer:

  • How did you join Delta and what is your job?
  • How did you develop your career?
  • How has your life changed since working at Delta?
  • What are your thoughts and ideas for the future?

1. “Airy” Wamvimol Rojanathvorn

Hello, my name is Airy. Currently, I work in the QA department in the quality control section at Delta. I take care of the quality and conduct inspections before sending our work to our customers.

In the QA department, we need to coordinate with teams both inside the organization and outside the organization, namely the customer. We conduct daily inspections before noon to deliver quality products and ensure that customers receive quality products from the company that we produce.

As for our inspection department, we take care of the quality of Delta products. We have both male and female engineers and both men and women are able to work on the exact same duties, whether it is auditing, analysis or working together to solve product problems. We may find an issue to solve before sending the work to the customer and our follow-up actions may involve making a presentation for management.

Women can work just like men here and the experience we gain from working at Delta is that our company gives us the confidence to work equally. That is why we are able to use this experience in our next, more challenging work that empowers us as women.

My confidence is greater than or equal to men as well. Still, I want to thank Delta for providing such a good experience for me to be able to grow and succeed in the future.

2. Nichapa Setphol

Hello, my name is Nichapa Setphol. I’m in the Training Department. I’ve worked in Delta for 11 years. I first had the opportunity to work in Production for two years and after I was given the opportunity to enter our Training Department.

Here, my main functions are to train Delta personnel, both male and female, to have the knowledge and improve their ability to work. In addition to this, we also provide training in our Delta employee benefits and also organize activities to encourage employees to be happy at work.

From my own point of view, I see Delta as only giving good things to our employees. Whether it’s in terms of knowledge, opportunities for career growth or career stability. Delta doesn’t just look after our employees, we also look out for our surrounding communities including schools and our families.

In addition, Delta also extends opportunities to our families, community and society around us. Finally, I would like to thank all of my colleagues for making my work possible at Delta until today. Thank you all!

3. Nannaphat Pang-nga

Hello, my name is Nannaphat Pang-nga. I have experience working at Delta for at least 10 years. I started my career here at Delta Plant 6 working in Production as an engineer. After, the company gave me a chance to gain more experience by coming to Delta Plant 5 as a Production Engineer. The comprehensive production plan here has given me an opportunity to work with supervisors to assist operations at Delta. It was like another chance to gain fresh experience in our work.

I want to say thanks to my team of supervisors and colleagues who give us the opportunity to use our work experience and develop our organization better. What the company has given us and what makes us happy to work here, is that no matter what happens our company never abandons us. In even the most difficult situation, Delta takes care of all employees, from our janitors to every level. Here, both men and women have equal rights.

Besides this, I get real experience that I can’t find outside Delta in the form of job training over the past 10 years. I gained a lot of knowledge that can be used to develop our organization including personal development. We are applying it in our daily lives.

Finally, we can tell ourselves that we are happy and successful because our organization gave us a lot including job duties. One thing I feel proud of is a career I never thought I could have until today. I come to work with teams everywhere in the factory, everyone is smiling and becoming good friends with each other.

If we are having problems, we discuss them with each other. This includes juniors who have issues, they will consult with us seniors. We will be able to help guide them. Honestly, at first, we thought that everyone would see work in a factory as just a simple experience. But I want to say for myself that Delta has given us what we have today.

I want to say thank you very much to our organization and we will work together and live our lives by making the best of what Delta has given us. Thank you!

4. Umaporn Naenudorn

Hello, my name is Umaporn Naenudon. I’m a Delta employee working here for 17 years. Actually, in my time at the company, I have previously moved to two departments. Currently, I’m working in the EVSBG department at Delta Plant 1. I serve as a leader which is a supervisor in the Production line for new models, new products and new projects.

I’ve had various experiences and it’s something that I’m proud of and recognized by our company and my colleagues. I’m happy to have been working here for 17 years. Although I didn’t think I could stay this long when I first joined, I soon began to think about staying on. It’s mainly because of the good environment that I have been working here for years.

Our company has given me many things since the beginning of my career. When I graduated from high school and came to work here there was a study program that accepted students in the company. I was educated at the vocational level and got my vocational college certificate. I then kept studying to have opportunities to develop and take on more job positions and get better work skills.

I also got other various benefits from healthcare like a breastfeeding room, I used this service when I was pregnant with my first child. It is very good because at that time it was not very convenient for working mothers. I wanted my child to drink breastmilk so I stored my breastmilk at work and then sent it to my family in my home province. Today, my child is in good health and never got any serious illness.

There are also other benefits such as COVID-19 screening for employees, work safety, welfare and the opportunity to communicate and get world news. We get news on our company LINE account and on our Facebook page. We can also be a source of knowledge for society. We have various training for job skills. Our company employees organize training even during this period of COVID-19. There is online training via Skype or video clips for employees to study.

For all these opportunities, I would like to thank my colleagues, supervisors and family. Thank you for your support and to thank you to our company for giving me the opportunity to work here. I’m happy here and will be happy to continue working. We continue to develop our company together. Thank you!

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