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DET Voices #13 Your Determination Makes Delta’s Success

As we celebrate another successful year at Delta Thailand, we honor our long-timers and pay tribute to their dedication over the years. Every day for the past three decades, Delta people have given their all to be professional and support our company and communities.

In our 13th edition of DET Voices, we hear from five winners of the Delta Long Service Award who will talk about the following questions in their own words:

  1. How long have you been at Delta and what kinds of work have you done at Delta Plants?
  2. Why did you choose to join Delta and why do you stay?
  3. Why do you think determination is important for success at Delta?
  4. What is the best part of your job?

Ms. Pisamai Doamtaram
Hello, I’m Pisamai Doamtamram, an employee at Delta Plant 7 working in the CNBU department. I have been working in Delta for 25 years. The whole time, I’ve been in the CNBU department.

First of all, I choose to stay because there is good welfare here. Second, it is a stable company. And the third reason is to have a better income to support my family.

I am determined to work to make my family’s life better and I think I will work harder to succeed.

Now I’m working in the Final Production Line section to deliver 100 percent of our products to customers and impress them with Delta’s quality work.

Ms. Karnjana Prangsorn
I have working in Delta for about 25-26 years. I worked in many positions from supporting the Production Line to manning the workstations as an operator. I also worked in the Pre-Forming division of the SMBC department which prints worksheets to use on the Production Line. Now, I’m working at the PTM department that takes care of the product framework costs, request disordered units and scrap.

Delta is a large and stable company. At first I thought it wouldn’t last long here. But all of a sudden, the stability of my family life has improved, so I continued working here until today.

I continue, because Delta gives us a lot of things. I got a house, car, great colleagues and a good supervisor. There is teamwork here and everything is good at work. And if there is any problem, we can talk. We can consult the supervisor.

I think what I do is important. Because I support the product framework, request disordered units and scrap parts. My work is an important part of the profitability of the department. I’m proud of the many things I’m involved in.


Ms. Porntip Nilbut
I’ve been 25-26 years at Delta. I used to work in the Production Line QA department and checked the work quality. I’ve been here since Delta Plant 1 made monitors and finally moved to Delta Plant 6 to work in the Injection Molding machine room.

Why did I choose to join Delta? Because working at Delta has been a dream of mine since before I joined. Because I used to work at other companies and I saw a lot of potential Delta employees standing and waiting to join. So I had a feeling that this company’s workplace environment should be good and the welfare should be good too. So I dreamed of entering and I finally came to Delta and worked her for the past twenty-five years.

Why did my career last so long? Because I have been committed. I have to do my best in my work. I have to love the work I do here.

The reason to commit is because of the future I see ahead and my family. We must have a good family that supports us as we work at a good company and then we will have a good future. The best part of my time at work is the unity and visibility of the employees and best of all is the cooperation among colleagues.

Ms. Pranee Pana
Hello, my name is Pranee Pana. I’m at the CNBU Delta Plant 7. I’ve been in Delta for 25 years. On the Production Line for electronic components sent to our customers. I am involved in the process of assembling the product casings in the final stage of production.

The first reason to choose Delta is good welfare. The second is good OT and the third is the salary increases we get every year. Fourth, the bonus is very good. Fifth, a diligence allowance is available every month and also provided additionally at the end of the year. The company also provides for the cost of living and everything such as a shuttle bus. In the past, it was a fan bus but now we have changed to air-conditioned buses.

In the end, I want to have a good future and savings. The money that I earn at Delta will be spent on retirement, for a better life and a more stable family life.

My working process is to assemble the product until the final stage, making it the best quality work in the production line that is ready to assemble in the product casing.

Mr. Peerapol Saewang
Hello, I’ve been working at Delta in the plastic injection molding plant for air conditioning for the past 20 years.

Why did I choose a giant company like Delta? In the past, I worked in a company that was not very big. Actually, I have a habit of challenging myself. So there was a chance to start a career at Delta and I was doing this type of work at that time so I came to apply for a job. Delta gave me the opportunity to work here.

Why you’re still working at Delta? In fact, there were many times when things about my work make me feel discouraged and I think I cannot stand it any longer. But actually, there are colleagues and supervisors who support me.

Everyone from the first day to the present and every leader has advice for me in many areas, both personal and work, so I can consult with them about everything. I’m not discouraged anymore and I found that all of our team members are friendly people. They are like my brothers and sisters. There is no division in the workplace. This helps me keep working here until today.

For commitment, I think we already have a proverb. If we try, we will reach their goals. Every supervisor in the past has taught me everything, I have determined to set goals and all our supervisors point us in the right direction. Everyone works together and is determined to reach our team goal. If someone is committed they will be successful!

Just as the person in before said earlier. We work as a team. We do many jobs, and we are all determined, everyone works collaboratively, and everything is improved.

For example, once there were overseas customers who came to audit and inspect our factory. We were all determined to pass and when our customers arrived and saw our operations they gave us a thumbs up and approved. So we’re happy because everyone is dedicated, determined and working together for our shared success.

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