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DET Voices #5: We Choose To Challenge🙋‍♀️💚

Happy International Women’s Day to all our hardworking and dedicated women at Delta Thailand! Our 5th episode of DET Voices features your female teammates speaking out on this year’s theme #ChooseToChallenge.

Let’s hear from four brave DET women, in roles from receptionist to engineer, who talk about the issues that matter to you and how we can all fight for a fairer and more equal society where all women can

Each of the four Delta employees will share in their own words questions:

How do you want to challenge to make a more equal world for women? 

Ms. Sunatcha Lajanta, Receptionist                         

I think gender equality in the workplace for women means we women can take the lead. There’s no longer any need to stay at home, raise children, do housework and have the man go out to work these days. Of course, women can raise their families and provide for them too.

However, now women in almost every country are not overly worried about having a husband (or children). Instead, women can support their parents, work and earn themselves. You don’t always have to rely on men to make your own life choices.

Ms. Jirapat Daengchot, IE Engineer IT LOB/IPS

When it comes to equality, it’s important for women to have more social rights. I see this as the most obvious thing in our lives and society that can change our work and family life for the better. Because usually at work we get the best results when we work together as a team. And a strong team will have both women and men, right?

We have to give everyone the right to express their opinions equally. Protecting and taking care of people, both at work and in our personal life is the cornerstone of what I believe in. Because I believe that all human beings are gentle and have a good nature.

Guiding or cultivating people to reach their best, starts with those close to us. For example, the people in our team that we work with or our family members. We must protect and take care of each other and honor each other. This includes being able to exchange goodwill towards each other.

No matter who you are, it shouldn’t be difficult to pass on kindness and encourage everyone to show care for one another. This will lead us to naturally give rights and respect to each other from our hearts.

Ms. Chuleeporn Chokpraditsuk, IE Engineer IT-LOB SMT TEST

There are many ways to have equality and to give women more rights in society. If we look at it realistically. When we look at the workplace situation, we see women can comment on solutions to any problems. Women should be able to express their opinions and show their potential to their supervisor or senior to demonstrate that we can do the job as well as anyone.

For example, I’ve graduated in mechanical engineering and I’m able to fix machines or do other work just like a technician. Even though I’m young, I can show my potential and that I can do what needs to be done. Of course, our demands must be within reason. If we want to offer solutions to problems in any part of our organization, we should get all the information to present our case as well.

In our global age, we may find our communication blocked by language barriers. This might stop us from daring to express our opinions. First of all, I want everyone to learn more international languages ​​and overcome the fear of speaking out. In addition, at work I want our supervisors to give young people the opportunity to show their potential as much as possible too.

Ms. Supaporn Ektasaeng, MRO clerk

Some countries say they are giving women rights but are still unequal. In many countries, this is going to be clear in education. Women are only given basic education but don’t get to advance as high as men in their studies. Society would like to let a woman stay at home to raise her children as a housewife. Still, I want to see every country in the world give women the right to higher education. Because women have the same rights as men in every aspect!

We can work in the same jobs if we have the same knowledge and abilities as a man (gained from education). In addition, if there are various activities, events or projects, I want women to be involved in decision-making at that job!

Women are not just listeners, followers or supporters. I want women to lead and take on more executive positions in the company.

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