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DET Voices #6: Fight COVID With Delta!📣✊💚

COVID waves are back! But Delta is not giving up in our fight against this pandemic that threatens our health and our ability to provide for our families. In our 6th episode of DET Voices, we hear straight from the people on the frontline of Delta Thailand’s battle against COVID.

Our teammates from the COVID response team and Production talk about specific ways they help to Fight COVID With Delta!

Each of the four Delta employees will share in their own words questions:

1. Who are the people at your home who you want to protect most from COVID, and how are your actions affecting them?
2. What are some things you do to remind yourself to wear your mask properly all the time or not meet up with friends?
3. What do you do when you feel stressed at work or worried about COVID?
4. What are some simple ways we can help each other at Delta during this challenging time?

Miss Chutinan Suttrupay, Officer

When I think about protecting my family, the first people who come to mind are my mother and grandmother. I think the best way to protect them from COVID-19 risk is to reduce our physical contact with others at work. We can replace face-to-face meetings with either phone or video calls. This is a more convenient and comfortable way to communicate nowadays.

Protecting ourselves starts before leaving the house. The first thing to do is to check your beautiful face. If you look in the mirror and still think you’re beautiful, then you haven’t put on your mask yet. So we have to hurry up put on a mask to hide our pretty face:) 

If you’re stressed at work or worried about COVID. The first thing you need to do is stop listening to gossip and rumors. Instead, we should look for the most factual news source.

We can always help others by first starting with ourselves. Is our mask on? We also have to check if we are wearing our masks properly. Keep your distance from the points risk and don’t go to places with air conditioning and poor ventilation. Carry alcohol gel and avoid areas where there’s a lot of people. Let’s keep our distance from others.

Miss Phakamat Phaoblek, Officer

I want to protect my mom and dad at home so we don’t eat together. We use separate bathrooms and utensils and we wear face masks all the time. We take a shower as soon as possible when we get home.

I prepare a mask before leaving the house every day. In the evening, as soon as I get back from work I take a shower and put a fresh mask in my bag. Before leaving home, I’ll check again to make sure I have a new mask. When we talk about not meeting friends this means not even talking with friends at work. Tell your friends that we can meet (face-to-face) after COVID. For now, we’ll just have to stick to video calls.

I try to limit my news intake about COVID and protect myself when going out of the house to beat stress. We should wear a mask all the time. Wash our hands often. Not eat with coworkers and not go to risky areas.

Miss Chompoo Santawa, Supervisor

The first person I’d like to protect is my mother and the second is my child. I always think, “What are we going to do if something happens to them?” We have to protect ourselves each day. Because come the morning, we have to leave for work again. This means we can’t forget our masks and be careful about everything that we touch. We have to use alcohol gel all the time.

I avoid going to community areas with a lot of people. I don’t hang out with a lot of people. I just go straight home and when I enter the house I don’t go to talk to my child or mother. Instead, I will take a shower immediately.

I wear a mask all the time. Today I didn’t forget either. Actually, I keep it on all the time except when I eat because we don’t know who we’ll be in contact with during our day and we have to keep working. My mask is always attached to me with a strap. My mask is a part of life that I can’t remove and can’t forget. I avoid going to visit my friends or walking to the market right now. I just won’t go. When I leave work I only go home. I don’t go anywhere else.

COVID might have been stressful at first, but not anymore. Because every morning we come to work at our departments and I see each person here as my brothers and sisters. We see them all wearing masks and know that everyone loves themselves. Everyone isn’t giving up despite the pressure. Day by day, we look out for each other and take good care of ourselves. We wear masks and wash our hands with alcohol gel. It is safe and so we don’t worry.

We want everyone to wear a mask. Use an alcohol gel and do things the right way. If we go out and touch anything we should use alcohol gel and not forget our mask. Together, we can help each other and get through this. We have to help everyone make it.

Miss Monta Sangat, Operator

I’d like to protect my youngest child because I care about him the most as that he is still so small. When he is out of the house, he will put on a mask. We wrote a sign at home saying, “Before going anywhere, put on your mask”.  We also use an alcohol wrist dispenser that my mother bought to sanitize our hands. Before eating anything, we make sure to wash our hands and if there is no real need, we don’t need to go out.

The most important thing is to prepare a mask all the time. I won’t forget and will even have a spare mask on me all the time. There’s no need to chit-chat with friends. When we talk, we just greet each other and go on. I don’t go out to socialize with anyone. I bring my own lunchbox to eat by myself at work.

I won’t listen to the news too much. If I listen to the right sources, I can share helpful information and not worry too much. If you worry a lot, it will cause stress so it’s better to not think and hear about COVID all the time.

According to our company policy, we must wear a mask, wash our hands and do as the company tells you for Safety. Think about helping everyone in the company. We’ll do our best to overcome together.

Miss Lumpung Kaioy, Operator

Actually, I’m worried about everyone in my house. But the one I’m most worried about is my sister because she has a medical condition. So when I get off work, I have to take a shower first and when eating at home we will use serving spoons and don’t share dishes.

We like using our phones and so when a LINE message pops up, or a Facebook news appears on our feed about COVID we will click on it and read it. This helps us review and check ourselves on how to wear a mask. This is one way I like reminding myself.

But if we’re already not keen on going to work, then we’ll worry even more. So how can we relieve anxiety? I like to look at TikTok or watch some online videos to let off steam. Watching dances and skits can be a fun way to make us realize that we have to wear masks all the time, not go to risky places, or stay apart.

In fact, wearing a mask is part of our daily life now and a “to do”. When we get ready for work, we prepare a mask with our uniform beforehand and then put it on when leaving. It’s something we do regularly every day.

Miss Tulaporn Saengchanda, Supervisor

Now I am most worried about my mother and sister. The thing that can do to help them is to warn them of the risks and have them wash and use alcohol gel often. We always have to wear a mask before leaving the house.

Before leaving home I’ll prepare a mask and place it with my employee card. Then when I grab my lanyard before leaving my room, I can be sure to have my mask with me. At work, I avoid talking with friends or eating together.

We choose to focus on the work that we are responsible for. As for COVID news, we are aware and listen to announcements and use guidelines. It’s just a part of our everyday life now.

I can wear a mask, wash my hands with alcohol gel or keep distance when talking.  We can also take good care of ourselves and consider how we help our friends in the company. We must always reduce the risk in any way possible.

Miss Laanog Kaewkebkhum, Operator

I live with my boyfriend and I always tell him not to go out drinking. These days we go back to our room and take a shower after work. We keep clean and don’t go to crowded places. I tell my friends that if they don’t follow the rules and get sick then our colleagues could be in trouble too and everyone would be upset. If we damage our health with COVID, it would be difficult for our health to recover, be a waste of working hours and create a lot of expenses for everyone.

I realized that this disease spreads so fast! So I have to be careful at all times. We have to think about how to be careful and protect ourselves all the time. But I’m not afraid because I refrain from going to places that are crowded or risky areas.

I try to think positively. Don’t be stressed but remember to be careful. Be confident that you take good care of yourself and you will be more relaxed. Tell yourself that you are not going to give up because of COVID. If we take good care of ourselves and pay attention to our health status all the time then we won’t stress out. If someone reminds me that I need to keep clean I just keep calm and follow instructions because this is normal nowadays.

We must be careful not to go to risky areas and tell our Delta sisters that they must follow the rules, wear masks and not take unnecessary risks. Don’t insist on hanging out together when it’s already difficult to find a job these days. It’s just not worth the trouble and it costs everyone in the company a lot if you unnecessarily allow yourself to get sick.  

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