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DET Voices #9 True Facts for Informed Choices 👂👩‍🔧👷‍♀️👍

In today’s information age we can access information quickly and easily but in the flood of updates on our newsfeeds how can we tell true facts from unreliable rumors? Today we stop and think about how important the truth is for a free and open society and how it affects our life decisions.

As individuals and members of Delta, we can actively seek out the truth, make our own decisions and speak up about ways to make our company better. Let’s hear from four honest Delta women who answer the following questions in their own words:

  1. Why is getting truth and correct information important in our lives?
  2. How can we access important information at Delta?
  3. How do we tell the difference between true facts, rumors and fake news?
  4. How can we use true facts to make our own choices by our own thinking?

Ms. Sutatip Earnking

Getting the truth is important because it will help guide our actions and honesty is a way to improve and make corrections accurately and clearly. There are many ways to get information about Delta like our official company LINE, Facebook, IG accounts. There may also be more ways to promote our voices online for employees to hear or to do public activities weekly or monthly.

Telling the difference between facts and rumors requires personal discretion to consider things. We can search for information to compare in many aspects.

I think that if management sends messages or communicates it should be accurate information in a truthful, clear and fast way. This will make it easier for employees to make decisions in all matters.

Ms. Ratchaneekorn Poljan

Getting the truth and the right information is important because when we have the correct information then we can make better decisions or do the right thing. We can access important Delta information via LINE, Facebook or Delta’s website pages. Or there may be some announcements online from time to time.

The facts come from communication in the company LINE. This is considered reliable.  Fake information appears to come from made-up information spread word-of-mouth. Embellishment makes the information untrue.

Ms. Nipaporn Prannuer

Having the truth, real information and clarity is the most important thing for us. Employees don’t want to have to find out if the news we get is true or not by ourselves. I don’t want to wait for updates or have to wait to see if the news I received is true or not. I want everything to be clear from the beginning.

We can access important Delta data from our company’s public communications on the internet and internally by our company LINE. But I would like to get communications via email from my boss or leaders because it’s more convenient.  

We should be mindful of some of our people who haven’t topped up their internet or don’t have time to check their phones during the day. Most of the time supervisors have email and can use their phone so if it’s already issued as an email then it’s easier for the head of communications to distribute information.

Most of the time I hear fake news before the real news.  We have to wait for the boss to confirm the real news. Of course, I want it to be all true news. I don’t want to hear rumors or fake news.

I would like the executives to send real information faster than we get rumors. I want the information I receive to be true without having to wait months for confirmation on things such as bonuses which is important. Because bonuses are close to the hearts of every employee! I believe that everyone is working hard at Delta and hope that we will know early on how much bonus we get at the end of the year.

Ms. Thidarat Wongsing

It’s important to get the truth or the right information because it allows us to make decisions about what we are doing, such as work or things and things we do in our lives. If we get the correct information, it will allow us to work properly.

Right now, I am following Delta information through our official LINE, company group and notifications from supervisors. The fact is that we have to trust reliable news sources such as clarifications from the company and news from supervisors.

I want our company to inform us of all the truthful news and then communication needs to be clear and quick on issues such as raises or the annual bonus that employees will receive. Things can actually go smoother if the company informs employees in a transparent and timely way.

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