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🎤DET Voices💚

Welcome to our all-new audio series-DET Voices, where you can get hear thoughts and views from our dedicated employees.

Get the unvarnished opinions from the folks who are the backbone of our company. They not only produce many great quality products, but also contribute to the growth of Delta as a brand and a family🥰.

I have worked at Delta for 19 years. Working at Delta, I can use the skills that I am good at and I have the chance to work with many departments. The great cooperation with everyone gets the job done and makes our customers satisfied.

My best impression of being an important part of Delta is when we worked with the Google International team. I was able to be a representative of Thailand and guide them to visit the Muang Boran Ancient City, Asokaram Temple and taste many delicious Thai dishes.

I am very proud that we can make our customers smile and have fun. “If they are happy, I am happy too”

Mrs. Kanthima Pimpanom, Leader of CDBU LOB1

“I’m really proud to be part of Delta’s family and be in a company that is well-managed. During the COVID-19 crisis, nothing affected work for employees, and we also got a lot of OT that can help us earn money and take care of our families:)”

Mrs. Duanpen Chaicharen , Leader of CISBU

Delta is a famous and stable company, which is also well-managed. The company also gives the opportunity to employees for career growth. I work at Delta as a project manager for new models. The company provides employees good welfare and a safe workplace. There are consistent learning and talent development programs held for employees.

We can do our part for environment conservation by reducing waste, minimizing plastic bag use and using renewable energy while finding new technologies to develop at our factory.

Mr. Thanit Mahittanan , NPE Prevention – DCBU


The company opens up many opportunities to employees to learn and develop ourselves. We can learn by working together and from outside training about renewable energy. I worked at Delta for 9 years as a technical staff in the production line.

Delta provides good compensation, welfare and a safe workplace. That’s good as nowadays resource remains scarce so if we can choose any renewable energy source to replace fossil fuels this will make our life better.

Mr. Jakaphan Soonthronchai , SMT – Equipment

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