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Delta Australia Hosts Industry Leaders to Explore Sustainable Data Centre and Industry Innovation at Delta Connect 2024

By Delta Australia - Published March 28, 2024

Sydney, Australia, March 5, 2024 – Delta Electronics, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, hosted industry leaders to explore sustainable infrastructure and green industry innovation for Australia at the inaugural Delta Connect 2024 summit. Around 130 people attended this first-ever summit for Delta partners from sectors including data centre, telecom, manufacturing, building infrastructure, EV charging, power and government.

Tom Hew, Delta Australia Country Manager, welcomed all the participants in an opening address, “In the increasingly complex and technology-driven industrial landscape, no single organization can achieve sustainable goals alone. That’s why the Delta Connect event aims to shape a smarter, greener tomorrow together with Delta’s partners,” he said. This was followed by an overview of the Delta regional landscape by David Leal, Vice President of Business for the SEA Region. This presentation highlighted how Delta’s strong ESG performance and compliance are a key commercial advantage over other suppliers within the global supply chain.

Delta’s product showcase was separated into the following three sections:

1. Industrial automation section: Featuring the Delta industrial articulated robot demonstration kit.
2. Energy efficient products section: Focusing on Delta Australia’s energy efficient products including the Eltek IPack65 - Super High Efficiency Power System for telecom, Delta DC Wallbox 50kW EV charger, Loytec building control/automation solution and newly introduced Delta Industrial Automation products.
3. Delta Australia comprehensive solution section: Solutions for applications from smart cities, data centres and smart factories to mining. This featured a 22-meter backdrop which showcased the breadth of solutions within Delta.

In the first guest speaker session titled-Beyond PUE- From Sustainable Financing to 24/7 Clean Energy, AirTrunk is Reimagining Data Centre Sustainability- David Leal held a fireside chat with Robin Khuda, AirTrunk Founder and CEO, on the topic of how AirTrunk achieved remarkable sustainability results in the data centre space. This was followed by Matthew Nelson, EY Chief Sustainability Officer, presentation titled-Embedding Sustainability into Business Strategy, which emphasized the benefits of aligning business goals with sustainability objectives.

The next guest talk was titled-Driving Sustainability through Smart Technology and invited Rik Irons-Mclean, Strategy Director of Microsoft, to share the latest advancements in cloud technology and how businesses can use these tools to reduce environmental impact. This was followed by the talk titled-Harnessing Australia's Renewable Energy Potential- where Christiaan Zuur, Director of Market Investment at Clean Energy Council, addressed vast renewable energy resources like solar, wind and hydropower for a clean energy future.

After the individual guest talks, the Thought Leader Roundtable session brought all experts back onstage for a deep dive into the impact of cloud infrastructure, clean energy initiatives, digital transformation strategies and emerging business trends. In the afternoon, Delta experts presented the company’s sustainable solutions for data centre power and cooling, smart factory and energy storage. Finally, Farhad Azizian, Delta Australia Engineering Manager, and Steven Yan, Delta Australia Business Development Manager – Data Centres, gave a technical presentation on the impact of 5G and GenAi on ICT Infrastructure.

The event received many positive comments from Delta partners who were surprised at the scope of Delta’s global operations and ESG performance. The combination of impactful information and excellent hospitality made it an enjoyable and worthwhile event for all. Delta Australia plans to build on the success of the first Delta Connect to organize more summits in the future.

For highlights of the event please click on the video link Delta Connect 2024 Livestream

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