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Delta Electronics and NTU set up S$24m Corporate Lab for Advanced Robotics

By Lorene Lim - Published July 10, 2023

Singapore, June 7th, 2023 - Delta Electronics and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) celebrate their continued collaboration in research & development for advanced technologies by announcing the newly launched corporate lab.

Supported by the Government as part of the Research, Innovation, and Enterprise 2025 plan, this joint venture is currently in its second phase and will develop over three years next-generation technologies aimed at overcoming labour shortage challenges for manufacturing and intralogistics. The ceremony was attended by Minister of State for Trade and Industry Alvin Tan, NTU president Ho Teck Hua and Delta Electronics chairman Yancey Hai.

Deepening Collaboration
The initial phase of the Delta-NTU partnership yielded remarkable outcomes, including the development of approximately 15 patents and innovative solutions. Notably, a universal smart navigation system for automated guided vehicles used in factory goods transportation was among the notable achievements. Professor Lam Khin Yong, NTU's Vice-President for Industry, emphasizes that the second phase of research will focus on refining and redefining existing robotic capabilities, particularly in terms of dexterity, flexibility, and human-like movements.

This groundbreaking advancement in robotics technology holds tremendous promise for revolutionizing automation in industries such as warehousing, healthcare, and services. For instance, this tie-up features a two-armed robot with a significantly wider range of motion and functionality than existing devices on the market.

Moreover, the introduction of a remote-controlled robot arm opens new possibilities, particularly during unforeseen events with severe consequences, similar to the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. This technology also contributes to enhanced workplace safety by allowing workers to pack heavy goods while controlling the robot arm from a safe distance.

Yancey Hai, Chairman, Delta Electronics, Inc., shared, “We are honoured to further our long-term cooperation with NTU following the success in the field of cyber-physical systems, especially as our new joint Delta-NTU Corporate Lab for Advanced Robotics has earned the support of Singapore’s RIE 2025 initiative. We intend to leverage Delta’s smart manufacturing prowess and autonomous mobile robot know-how, as well as our Delta-NTU R&D talent to develop essential technologies for the next-generation of autonomous mobile robots. The innovation milestones of this lab will help multiple industries solve key challenges, enhance Singapore’s long-term resilience, and improve the quality of life of its citizens.”

Through this strategic collaboration, Delta Electronics and NTU seek to drive transformative changes in robotics technology, positioning Delta Electronics as a leader in innovation and technological excellence across various industries.

Lorene Lim

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