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Delta Implements the First VTScada Facility Management Control System in Southeast Asia

By DET IA - Published September 21, 2022


Delta Thailand successfully implemented the first Facility Management Control System (FMCS) powered by VTScada in Southeast Asia at Delta Plant 7 in Wellgrow Industrial Estate. VTScada software is an industry-leading SCADA software developed by Trihedral, a Canadian company in the Delta Group.

The VTScada-powered system at Delta Plant 7 aims to greatly improve facility management and reduce energy consumption in all operations. Managers can leverage the powerful system for detailed and flexible monitoring and reporting of energy consumption data and get optimal automated control of the plant's HVAC system. In addition, real-time data and paperless operation greatly reduce on-site work and allow managers to make better-informed decisions onsite.

In 2021, Delta Thailand’s Industrial Automation team introduced the VTScada to the Thailand market and started its first application project that combines VTScada with the Delta energy management software (EMS) DIAEnergie. The combined SCADA and EMS offer a perfect platform for control of Delta’s industrial automation products in a complete facility management solution.

Delta industrial automation products in the FMCS include:

  • Network Switches, Gateway, Industrial Box PC (IPC)
  • AH500, AS300 Mid-Range Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  • CP2000 Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
  • DPM530 Power Meter

FMCS device cabinet with AH500, AS300 PLC and DIN-Rail Power Supply

Delta Thailand’s Industrial Automation team developed its own original FMCS at Delta Plant 7 leveraging its ability to provide expert local support and competitive pricing compared with other providers in the market. Another key to the project’s success is the excellent working relationship between Delta’s engineering team and all stakeholders.

VTScada is an intuitive platform for creating highly-customized industrial monitoring and mission-critical applications of every size. It is widely used in large power, water treatment and oil and gas industries in North America, providing key application solutions with excellent quality and support that has won it numerous industry awards.

In Thailand, operations managers in the waterworks, energy, chemicals, manufacturing and food and beverage industries can leverage this software platform for better integration and reliability in monitoring and control of mission-critical applications.


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