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Delta Electronics Rural Electrification System’s Flatpack2 Solar Regulator gets Clean Energy Council seal of approval

By Delta Australia - Published January 19, 2023

By Delta Australia

Delta Electronics Australia announced that the Flatpack2 High Efficiency Solar Regulator within its Rural Electrification System (RES) is now listed on the Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved list.

This approval will help to significantly lower setup costs for the RES in the Australian market and make it an efficient and competitive off-grid and hybrid electrification choice for customers.

Delta Electronics leverages its leading expertise in power electronics to develop and provide best-in-class power solutions to global customers for applications across Telecommunications, Industry and Renewables, where a stable, safe and efficient power supply is crucial.

With CEC approval of the Flatpack2 Solar Regulator, the RES is now eligible for small-scale technology certificates (STCs), under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES), which can be sold to recoup a portion of the cost of purchasing and installing the system.

Delta Electronics (Australia) Country Manager, Mr. David Leal said, “The CEC approval is a major milestone in the development of the RES system, which is designed to meet the needs of Australian customers with a focus on the off-grid and hybrid market using a unique modular setup. We believe the RES is a truly competitive and attractive solution that will offer safe, reliable and sustainable power to users across the nation.”

The RES offers users a single cabinet for all off-grid power needs that is delivered preconfigured and simple to maintain.

Its key features include:
• Configurable and upgradable power output of up to 43kW
• High efficiency 97% solar regulator
• Lightning protection
• Remote monitoring
• Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
• Ground fault detection
• Support for high string voltages (85 to 430Vdc)
• Global compliance
• Patented high-efficiency technology

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