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Innergie: A Small but Powerful Delta Brand

By Innergie - Published March 18, 2021

By the Innergie team

Innergie started back in 2006 by our first member PS Tang who was working at Delta Thailand (DET). At the time Delta was only an ODM/OEM-oriented company without a visible ‘Delta’ brand to promote to the Thai or regional markets.

It was also the beginning of the internet era and many new exciting devices appeared in the world, such as mobile phones and autofocus cameras. However, all these new devices come with different ports, specifications and charging types, which resulted in increasing e-waste. Seeing this issue we forecasted a trend of standardization in the consumer electronics industry and set out to be the best charging solution.

In 2010, Innergie launched with our mission of ‘One For All’ to help electronics users to charge everything everywhere. We also help our customers reduce e-waste and free them from the burden of carrying bulky chargers when traveling.

As a B2C brand, our Innergie team has been working not only for sales but also on branding and marketing in the countries we operate in. We have internal discussions, brainstorm and hold workshops are much as needed when we want to communicate our brand to our end-users in a creative and eye-catching way.

Our first Innergie product was the mCube Pro, which at the time was the world’s smallest Auto/Air Adapter that you could carry aboard cars and airplanes. It charges most popular brands of laptops between 15-21 volts, up to 17” in LCD size, and 70 watts consumption. It also features a separate USB port for charging USB devices.

Over time, our products and brand gained exposure at large trade shows around the world such as IFA, CES, Computex. We’re proud of how Innergie is finally bringing the Delta brand into the B2C electronics market. Little by little, we’re making the Delta brand known by our end-users directly.

Our “One For All” product category offers one charger for all devices and all scenarios in daily life. The top advantage of Innergie products is our Number 1 ranking in Innovation, Safety and Quality. Our products have the unique ‘InnerShield’ that includes 5 types of built-in protections (OCP, OVP, OTP, OPP, SCP)

Our motto of “One For All, Less Is More” means there is no need to have many adapters which reduce e-waste and your bag’s weight:) Finally, we have the GreenSense feature which offers a 91% high-efficiency rate and pollutant-free packaging.

Innergie operates with the same manufacturing and R&D teams and locations as our ODM/OEM charger products. The difference is that we put more focus on the needs of our specific end users when developing our Innergie products.

In Thailand, we sell Innergie products through our online and offline local distributors. These distributors help us sell on offline sales channels including electronics stores like iStudio by Copperwired, Studio 7, Banana, Power Buy, Power Mall and the King Power duty-free stores. We also have official online stores on the popular e-commerce sites Lazada and Shopee.

  Right now we are very excited about our new C6 Duo launch in Thailand. The C6 Duo is a 63W dual port USB-C adapter with ports that are reversible, meaning no fumbling to find top or bottom. It also features Power Delivery (PD) fast charge in 6-modes with auto-detect function to provide optimal power to each device.

We are now doing an online consumer campaign to promote the C6 Duo. Our C6 Duo launch campaign leverages a fun “psychology test” game to draw interest and offers participants a chance to win a prize with a lucky draw. The campaign is designed for our bilingual/English-speaking customers.In addition, we’re also launching a special CSR campaign from 22 March-31 May, 2021 to promote the power, convenience and eco-friendly advantages of Innergie. This campaign encourages customers to take part in a trade-in program to exchange their old adaptors or chargers for a discount on a new Innergie purchase.We designed this activity specifically for our local customers and to promote the sustainability spirit that drives us at Innergie to excel in power efficiency and green functions like eco-design and power saving.


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