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Celebrating Delta Thailand 2023 Singing Contest Winners!

By Delta Thailand - Published January 16, 2024

Delta extends a big round of applause to all our talented Deltans who took part in the 2023 singing competition in Thai Country Music, Acoustic Music and International Music categories.

All contestants had completed two preliminary rounds of selection:
1. Cover Video
2. Live Audition

The 2023 Singing Contest was a mini-concert onstage competition held on November 21 at Delta Wellgrow and November 24 at Delta Bangpoo.

Contestants had the chance to win a grand total prize of over 30,000 baht, including an exclusive seat of honor at the 2024 New Year Party! Everyone was invited to watch the live show and attach stickers in support of all contestants.

Delta Bangpoo Plants
1. Miss Waranuch Anukot: Winner of Thai Country Music competition
2. Miss Minsiya Srisirinpagul: Winner of International Music competition
3. Mr. Nattawut Bainghen: Winner of Acoustic Music competition

Delta Wellgrow Plants
1. Miss Siriya Tanoy: Winner of Thai Country Music competition
2. Miss Chonwipha Phannop: Winner of International Music competition
3. Mr. Jeerapong Manit: Winner of Acoustic Music competition

The committee and organizers expressed their unanimous concern that judging the competition was challenging due to the remarkably similar strengths and abilities of each applicant. Those who have fewer disadvantages emerged as the remaining candidates.

Nevertheless, the organizer urged everyone to continue supporting and encouraging each other, with an upcoming showcase scheduled for December 15, 2023, where all award winners will perform at our company's New Year's party.

Stay tuned for upcoming New Year’s activities!

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