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Delta Singapore Year End Event 2022 – Ignite your Fire

By Keith Chua, Delta Singapore - Published January 19, 2023

As Singapore transits towards living with COVID-19, it was the first time since pre-COVID that Delta Singapore had gathered again for our Year End Training and Event on 24 Nov 2022. We started off the morning with Communication Training led by our Delta Singapore General Manager, Miss Cecilia Ku.

From the training session, we learned about the importance of having effective communication. The communication process involves exchanging ideas, thoughts, opinions, knowledge and data so that message is received and interpreted correctly.

Communication can be done through different communication channels such as face-to-face conversation, email, video conferencing and messaging. Effective communication helps to minimize the risk of misunderstanding or misinterpretation so that your message is received and understood with clarity and purpose.

During the training, we also participated in a few different activities to allow us to have a better understanding of effective communication and the consequences of ineffective communication.

In the evening, it was our Year End Event and the theme for this year was Ignite Your Fire. Everyone was dressed up for the event in sports attire and participated spontaneously. There are a variety of games and activities that were lined up for all of us so that no one will be left out.

During the event, we also discovered a lot of hidden talents in Delta Singapore from singers to dancers and even builders. It was especially meaningful for all to reconnect face to face again, from that last physical event in 2019.

Everyone was enjoying the evening and having a good time as there was nonstop laughter throughout the whole event.

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Keith Chua, Delta Singapore

I am the new Senior HR Executive who only recently joined Delta Singapore in late July 2022. It has been an exciting journey so far…

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