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Highlights from DET’s Massive 2023 New Year Celebrations

By Delta Thailand - Published January 19, 2023

On December 16, 2022, Delta Thailand held one of the biggest year-end events ever at our Delta Plant 5 Head Office at Bangpoo Industrial Estate and Delta Plant 6 and Plant 7 at Wellgrow Industrial Estate. This year our legendary company-wide celebration came back bigger and crazier than ever!

Thanks to the dedication of all our teams, Delta Thailand factories have protected our people while maintaining continuous operations throughout the pandemic. Our workforce now exceeds 17,000 people and our business is reaching new levels of growth.

This year we also celebrate the end of our two-year battle against COVID-19. With the Thai government declaring an end to emergency measures and reopening of borders we have systematically scaled back on restrictions and welcomed back visitors to our plants.

The Delta Thailand New Year Party is held every December and is an epic full-day extravaganza of cultural observations and fun for all. After a two-year break due to COVID-19, everyone at Delta was eager to bring back the joyous event which is the highlight of the year for many fun-loving Delta folks.

Activities start from the morning with a traditional Thai merit-making ceremony open to all. Everyone is welcome to make offerings to monks and join a prayer ceremony to wish for health and prosperity for the coming year.

In the evening we all enjoyed our New Year Party. This year’s theme was Thai country and folk with a traditional Thai temple fair with rides, hay bales, games and bright festive lights. Delta folks were invited to join an online photo contest by sharing photos of themselves having fun in colorful Thai festival costumes.During a dinner of local delicacies, Delta Thailand President, Jackie Chang, took to the stage to wish everyone a happy New Year and managers presented prizes to winners of our luck draw. This was followed by dancing and shows on a massive stage for thousands of Delta people.

This year Delta Plant 6 and Plant 7 enjoyed a show featuring top Thai country music star Ble Patumrach while Delta Plant 5 invited famous comedian and parody rapper Jazz Chuanchuen.

The two star’s styles varied wildly but showcased the diversity of Thai rural and northeast regional culture from melodramatic love songs with traditional string instruments to a riotous brass band and cheeky onstage pranks.

  • To safeguard everyone’s health and safety, we required ATK tests for all participants and held an anti-stampede and anti-drunk driving awareness campaign prior to during the events. 

Enjoy the video highlights of the events at both Delta Thailand locations:

  • Delta Plant 5 New Year Party 
  • Delta Plant 6-7 New Year Party 

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