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How You Can Easily Design a Professional Logo

By Chernika Lam - Published November 15, 2020

By Chernika Lam, DET Marketing

Designing can be easy and fun even if you’re a beginner. Nowadays there are more and more design software programs that don’t require any special skills to use. Although everyone has their own creative process, I’d like to share a few tips I use in my work that you can also use to turn your next big ideas into an effective logo for your webpage or office wall.

1. Know what is your business objectives and end product are about

Before you can get a good creative idea you first need to know the basic facts and what your most important message is. What are the most important parts of your business or project that you need to communicate with everyone? Who is your audience? Be focused.2. Brainstorm words that describe the logo

Start thinking about your logo theme. How will it best match your target audience? Will it be cute, formal or artistic? Go ahead and jot down any idea that pops into your head.

3. Get some guidance/ideas from your team

Creative work requires teamwork. So share your ideas and get feedback from your team and other people involved. You can even ask your target audience directly to get the best views about the direction you’re heading in.4. Start sketching ideas on paper

Let the doodling begin! Don’t settle with one or two drawings. Go ahead and fill up your whole page. And you don’t need to make a masterpiece, stick men and wiggly lines are fine as long your pictures are at least somewhat understandable:) 

5. Draw your sketches onto the computer using an Illustrator software

You don’t need to be an Adobe expert. MS paint of any type of desktop or smartphone illustrator software will be fine. You can even use template shapes or open-source icon vectors that are free for all to use.6. Choose 1-2 typefaces to work with

Your lettering style, size and weight make a huge difference in how your whole logo will look and feel. Try a few and then narrow it down to a couple of the best options.

7. Pick the best one or two ideas and try more design options

You’re almost there! Now just try a few different styles of the 1-2 ideas you like best. Don’t be afraid to ask others for their opinions too.

8. Define the most suitable colors

Colors are another big part of any design. Do you have standard company colors you must follow? Now would be a good time to check if the RGB codes are all correct. If you are free to pick any color then look up different color palettes and choose colors that match well together.

9. Choose the best amount of the options and finalize 

Once you have the artwork, lettering and colors set, you can finalize your ideas and choose the best one. Again, you can take your logo around to show other people or even send out an online poll to get a lot of opinions before making your final decision.

Once it’s done it’s time to take a break and do a celebration dance like no one's watching:).... Oh and congrats on your new logo!

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About the Author (Editorial Team)

Chernika Lam

In my career, I’ve designed everything from catalogs and leaflets to booth artwork, signage and logos. Before joining DET marketing team, I had an opportunity to work for the Innergie team. Over 10 years at Delta, I worked to expand my skills and manage myself to deliver on time. I try to keep saying YES to every challenge and attempt the impossible. If you have any ideas to share, please email me:) 

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