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Interviews with Delta Thailand 2022 Long Service and Employee Award Winners

By Delta Thailand HR - Published November 20, 2022


Delta Thailand held the Long Service Award for 2022 to recognize and appreciate our veterans of people for their continuous contributions and their positive behavior of “Determination” which leads to our success for over 30 years.

Employees at each Delta Thailand Plant received awards for the following years of service:

  • 25 Years
  • 20 Years
  • 10 Years

We all know that a supportive boss, workmates and family makes a huge difference for our career success at Delta. Let’s listen to two Long Service Award winners and their families talk about what working at Delta means to them.

1. Long Service Award 20 Years: Peerapol Saewang DET FMBG and family

Mr. Peerapol's wife and daughter talk about what he does at Delta and how they feel about his work and the impact it has on their family.

2. Long Service Award 10 Years: Jintahra Labnongsang DET IT and family

Ms. Jintahra's husband (also at DET IT) and cute daughter talk about her job at Delta and she shares how her work changes her life

Employee Awards

In addition, this year Delta Thailand introduced the Remarkable Employee Awards for outstanding Delta people nominated and chosen by their peers and management for their positive impact and value to the company.

3. Most Remarkable Employee Award: Saroj Ruangsakulraj, DET Plant Administration

Mr. Saroj shares his experiences at Delta and his boss talks about how he has supported his career development. His team also share what it's like to work with him. 

4. Most Remarkable Employee Award: Warawan Jarernphon, DET CDBU

Ms. Warawan's workmates talk about what it's like to work with her and she shares her secrets to excellence on the Production Line. 

Please join us to give a big applause to your dear colleagues who achieved this milestone of success!

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