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Every Day is Earth Day at Delta

By KK Chong - Published May 19, 2023

At Delta, our mission is to provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow. This embeds a passion for environmental protection in our company DNA and makes sustainability core to everything we do each day. Recently, I had a chance to talk to a Marketing Magazine about Earth Day which falls on April 22. Here are some of the questions and answers from our exchange:

Is Earth Day yet another marketing gimmick?
So what if it is? The fact that people are talking about it means that Earth Day has been effective in bringing awareness about climate change to the public.

What messages would you hope to see this Earth Day?
Every day is Earth Day.

Do you expect some brands might dial back their comms around the day due to fear of greenwashing?
Self-reflection is good and I hope it’s happening.

Or do you think that the need to be seen to cut through in this space will make Earth Day just the next IWD/Pride etc?
It is already happening but regardless, it has met its objective of bringing awareness about climate change to the public.

As more and more people are aware of the dangers of climate change, greenwashing- what measures are brands taking to be truly sustainable?
In my personal opinion from a marketing perspective, brands should dial back on their claims if they chose not to invest in transforming their business strategy to be truly environmental (or ESG) conscious.

Otherwise, they should take a top-down commitment and invest in resources to improve in terms of business strategy and operations in order to gain a “social license” to operate.

Resources do not mean dumping money on ads and donations but most importantly, having qualified people to identify the problems and drive effective projects and operations.

Last year’s Google Cloud survey found that 77% of APAC executives believe that sustainability can drive significant business transformations, compared to 73% globally. The reality is that APAC is lagging behind compared to the West. What are the challenges in implementing ESG programs and what are the opportunities?
Implementing ESG programs can be a huge challenge for companies, as it requires the commitment of the leadership team to truly believe in the principles of ESG and invest resources in driving meaningful actions. Merely creating an "ESG" department is not sufficient, as the department would end up chasing employees for patronizing actions or inaccurate data that won't drive actual improvements.

This is why, in my opinion, "G" is the most important principle among the three (E, S, and G). If top management views ESG as a marketing gimmick, then it's likely that employees will feel the same way. As the public becomes more aware of greenwashing, it's only a matter of time before they see through insincere ESG efforts.

Therefore, to implement successful ESG programs, companies need to prioritize governance and ensure that their leaders are committed to the principles of ESG, and not just paying lip service.

With this in mind, we hope to cover Delta’s ESG activities in our May issue with a focus on the hard work of our people who develop, build and deliver energy-efficient products to customers around the world.

In our Focus section, we go to the Smart Energy tradeshow in Australia where visitors explored everything from Delta solar inverters to EV chargers with an e-bike! We then go to Thailand to see how Delta is tapping into the power of influencer marketing to promote our EV charging solutions to local users.

In the Up Close section, we meet Mr. Yongyuth Pakdoungjan, Delta Government and Public Affairs Department Senior Director, who shares his story is one of step-by-step growth into a role as a Thai leader driving success together with an inter-generational local team.

The On site section features an International Workers Day special of our popular DET Voices mini-podcast series. Here the hard-working men and women at Delta Thailand women talk about what Labor Day means to them. We check out a recent visit by the largest sugar producer in Asia Mtir Phol. In Singapore, we take a look at the new office that offers a green and comfortable working environment to all. Delta Australia welcomes a new distributor to support the growth of the UPS business in the local market.

In the Our Success section, we celebrate the grand opening of Delta Thailand’s renewal of our 2-year certification in the Collective Action against Corruption. In our CSR section, Delta India President, Benjamin Lin, talks about the growth of ESG in India. We also celebrate the completion of a CSR project to provide a new toilet block to a school in Kurubarapalli, Krishnagiri District of Tamil Nadu.

In the Fun section, we can enjoy fun memories of our DET Songkran celebrations and learn more about the Thai New Year from our colleagues. We also have some highlights of our first SEA Partner Event held in Bangkok with partners from Southeast Asia and Australia.

In the Whiteboard, the winners of our 2023 DET Presentation contest are in the Announcement section along with some information from DET IT on best practices for AI software use.

Finally, DET President Jackie Chang gives his thoughts on Labor Day and invites key Delta leaders to share their messages on this event in the Town hall section.

KK Chong

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