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Happy New Year and 4th Anniversary to Our 360 Magazine!

By KK Chong and David Nakayama - Published January 31, 2024

Delta Thailand 360 Team at the 2023 SEA Partner Event

Hello 2024, and here’s to another great year as we celebrate our 4th Anniversary of our 360 Magazine! In 2023, our regional platform for Delta folks in Thailand, Southeast Asia and Australia got a fresh redesign. Thanks to everyone’s contributions we enjoyed more insights into the work and lives of our colleagues.

A BIG thank you to everyone at Delta R&D, Production, Service, Sales and Office across the region who joined our podcasts, videos and interview articles. Also, a special thanks to all our executives who participated in our 2023 Up Close column to share their life and career experiences alongside valuable leadership lessons. And a shout out to our Delta editorial team and HR teams in Thailand, India, Singapore and Australia who help us share YOUR voice with all our Delta folks.

After four years, it is great to see how our 360 community is bringing people together to share and celebrate our strength through diversity. We encourage you to be yourself here while helping to build ONE DELTA together! Some for the hot topics on 360 this last year include:

• Onsite closeups: Interviews with Field Engineers and Service professionals
• Regional business events: Product launches and seminars with partners in Australia, Indonesia the Philippines and Singapore
• Diversity and Inclusion: Exclusive interviews with outstanding Delta women leaders on International Women’s Day.
• Promoting our Delta brand: From KOL campaigns to office opening events, we shared examples of how Delta is transforming from a low-key supplier to a trusted brand.
• Community building: Delta volunteer and community building activities from across our region

Remember our 360 is always changing and we are happy to hear from you about the issues you would like to highlight, and we can make Delta a better place. You can comment on our IG account or Comment box below every article or email us at det.marketing@deltaww.com. We look forward to receiving your feedback.

In this 4th Anniversary issue of 360, we are thrilled to share the voices of OUR Delta people who share their successes and milestones. In the Focus section, we meet five Delta Thailand veterans who look back on their time at the company as they prepare for new challenges upon retirement. We also get an exclusive interview with a Delta Thailand R&D Manager on how power electronics is the foundation of many cool technologies changing our world today.

In the Up Close section, we meet Benjamin Tan Delta IPSBU Sales Director, who shares his key to successful B2B sales and how to lead with efficient and impactful communication.

In our On-site section, we get in on the action of Delta product seminars and industry events held in Australia, Indonesia and Thailand as well as fun teambuilding activities in Vietnam and Australia. In our special DET Voices to honor retirees, our mini-podcast features Delta Thailand employees sharing their memories and hopes for the future.

In the Our Success section, we also celebrate Delta Thailand’s inclusion into the DJSI for the 3rd year and the Sustainable Disclosure Award 2023. The CSR section features the opening of the 2nd Delta Power Electronics Lab at KMITL.

The Fun section, brings us all the action, with photos and videos, of our huge New Year Party in Thailand. We also can see some of the fun activities held by teams in Australia.

Finally, on behalf of our regional 360 editorial team, we would like to thank each of you for sharing your voice to help make Delta a diverse and inclusive place. Let’s keep up the positive energy in 2024!

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KK Chong and David Nakayama

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Sirirat   March 27, 2024 at 16:17:06 pm

'm glad and proud to be part of Delta's success.

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