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Making “One Delta” a Reality in Southeast Asia, India and Australia

By KK Chong and David Nakayama - Published September 19, 2023

Three years ago we started the 360 online platform as a place where Delta folks from Thailand, India, Southeast Asia and Australia can come together to share ideas and celebrate successes. Thanks to the clear direction from our global headquarters in Taiwan and regional leadership we are now more united than ever.

This comes at a perfect time as the global importance of our regions rises and we see strong growth in domestic market demand for Delta solutions. According to a recent report by Counterpoint, Thailand accounted for almost 79% of all EVs sold in Southeast Asia in Q1.

Other countries in the region are taking notice of Thailand’s success and are making ambitious carbon reduction pledges of their own. Other countries in the region are taking notice of Thailand’s success and are making ambitious carbon reduction pledges of their own. In fact, Delta EV chargers not only capture more than a 30% market share in Thailand but also stand as the dominant market leader in Indonesia. Meanwhile, Australia and Southeast Asia teams are working together to implement many major Delta data center projects across the region.

To demonstrate our regional Delta brand unity, we have launched an all-new regional LinkedIn account Delta Electronics Southeast Asia & Oceania for our partners and SEA HR held new regional training programs for colleagues in all out countries. We hope these actions will encourage you to learn more and find pride in who we are and what we do to make the world Smarter. Greener. Together.

Of course, Delta considers people to be our greatest resource, and so we’re also adding new leaders to drive change and spur transformative growth in manufacturing and our local Delta businesses. Over the next few months, we hope to introduce some of our visionary and active Delta leaders who continue to take on new career challenges to contribute and prepare our next-gen talents.

In this September issue, we celebrate our unity as “One Delta”. In the Focus section, Rachna Kango, Delta India Head of Marketing & Strategy Planning, talks about how the UNSDGs impact ESG investing. In the Up Close section, we chat with our creative design and marketing leader PS Tang, Delta Singapore General Manager and Founder of Innergie, who shares the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and the creation of a consumer brand in Delta.

In our latest edition of the DET Voices series, we hear from four Delta women about what continuous improvement means to them. In the Our People section, we check out the latest regional training for sales teams and spokespersons. In Thailand, we catch the action of our IPSBG at the TEMCA tradeshow in Pattaya and the EISBU at the ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week in Bangkok. In Malaysia, our Singapore team completed a successful building automation tradeshow Marvex 2023.

In the Our Success section, we celebrate Delta Thailand’s ranking among Southeast Asia’s top corporates according to the 13th Annual Corporate Institutional Investor Poll 2023 by Alpha Southeast Asia. We also mark the launch of Thailand’s first 8K documentary “The Hues of Faith” to promote local culture and sustainable tourism with world-class digital projection and display innovation.

In our CSR section, we see how Delta Singapore supports the visually impaired community with a “Massage for Wellness” day and volunteer activity to help the needy members of their local community.

In the Announcement section, we announce the appointments of David Leal as Vice President of Business for the Southeast Asia region and Tom Hew as the new Country Manager for Australia and New Zealand (ANZ). In India, we announce the appointment of Manjula Girish as the business head for the EV Charging and Photovoltaic Inverter division. Congratulations on the well-deserved advancements and wishing them all the best in their new roles!

In the Fun section, we see how the Delta Australia teams in Sydney and Melbourne are joining local running events for fun and fitness.

Finally, DET President Jackie Chang shares updates on our continuous improvement and CH Huang, Delta SEA CHRO, gives a message about the importance of employee engagement at Delta in this month’s Town hall section.

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KK Chong and David Nakayama

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