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Happy 2nd Anniversary to Our 360 Magazine!✌

By KK Chong and David Nakayama - Published January 19, 2022

Delta Thailand 360 Editorial Team celebrating the Loy Krathong festival in traditional Thai costumes

Delta Thailand 360 Editorial Team celebrating the Loy Krathong festival in traditional Thai costumes

Text by KK Chong and David Nakayama, DET Corp Comms

Time flies when you’re having an awesome time! We can’t believe it’s already two years since the very first issue of our 360 Delta magazine went online. Our Delta editorial team in Thailand, India, Singapore and Australia have been relentless in their efforts to get the latest scoop and share YOUR voice with all our Delta people.

A big thank you to all the executives who participated in our Up Close column to share their stories and leadership lessons with us. Also a HUGE shout out to all our contributors and special mention to our top guest contributors:

  • Shane Arnold from Delta Australia

  • Genalyn Llorando from Delta Philippines

  • Charles Lee from DET IA

  • Manish Walia, Hemant Agarwal and Deepak Singh Thakur from Delta India

No matter where you are from, as long as you are a Delta employee, we would like to invite YOU to share your fun stories and amazing insights to our Delta folks in Southeast Asia, India, Australia and our global Delta.

From the start, 360 was always more than just a regional newsletter. This dynamic online platform is a place for everyone in our Delta community to view fresh articles, audio and video on their computer or phone. In fact, over half of our visitors now enjoy 360 on their phones or tablet.

In 2021, we had seen a nearly 100% jump in readership as compared to 2020 and were pleasantly surprised we had sizable audiences from both Taiwan, China and Europe. It’s also heartening to see that Our People segment stays consistently within the top three most visited pages. Check out our 360 Fun Facts to learn more about our vibrant community.

Our 360 community is created by you for you. We celebrate our rich diversity at Delta and the opportunity to grow as human beings by learning about and communicating with each other. Hot topics at 360 last year include:

  • Empowering Women: Interview with our former female CHRO, DET Voices

  • Mental Health: COVID-19 mental health, Mental Health Day employee sharing

  • Diversity and Inclusion: LGBT Deltans speak out for the first time in the Delta Group

  • Sustainable Development: ESG, Carbon Zero, Children’s Rights and our Food Cycle

Please let us know what issues you would like to highlight and how you want to make Delta a happy and healthy workplace for everyone. You can drop your comment on our IG account (Link), in the Comment box below every article or simply send us an email at det.marketing@deltathailand.com. We are looking forward to receiving your feedback.

For our 2-Year Anniversary issue of 360, we highlight OUR successes and celebrate major milestones in Delta’s sustainability journey! In the Focus section, we look at how Delta is joining top government and industry leaders to share learning and vision for Thailand’s new normal and the 2021 Bangkok Post International Forum. We also hear the fascinating story of Delta women who studied in Taiwan and came back to contribute to Thailand’s development at DET.

In the Up Close section, we meet accomplished Delta leader Chris See, Delta Thailand CPC/Materials Sr. Director, who shares about the vital role materials and procurement teams play in our success and why developing talent secures Delta’s future success.

In our On-site section, we go over to the Philippines to see how our Delta team is making EV charging fun for drivers at local promotion events. We then visit the 2021 ITAP event in Singapore where Delta showcased the new Delta U+ Far-UVC Light Care 222® Series to prevent COVID along with smart farm and building automation solutions at an in-person event.

Next, over in Australia we check out our Delta inverters supporting a MASSIVE solar rooftop project at a major electrical wholesaler. We also get a look at the Delta Australia and Eltek annual engineering summit.

Over in India, our Delta MCIS and IA teams share the latest developments in the local market. Back in Thailand DET IA implements a successful solar water pump solution for wells in rural communities and the CIS team welcome a new local partner to further develop the UPS and data center business in Thailand.

In the Our Success section, we learn how the DET Energy Management Team helped us win a LEED Gold certification at our new DET7 plant in Wellgrown Industrial Estate. We also celebrate Delta Thailand’s inclusion into the prestigious DJSI list for the first time and our HR Asia Best Company to Work for in Asia Award 2021.

The CSR section features Part 5 in our SD series where we learn how Delta Thailand reuses our canteen food waste to prevent biowaste to landfills and support local fish farmers. We also share how partner SCGP uses Delta’s donated carton box material to save energy and resources making eco-friendly furniture for local schools. To underscore our focus on safety and health during the pandemic, DET added UNSDG 3 Health and Well-being to our list of target UNSDGs.

In Hotspot, we will test drive the Nissan LEAF on the roads of Bangkok. For the Fun section, we take a look at our joyous celebrations at our 2021 DET Long Service awards at each Thailand plant!

On behalf of our 360 editorial team, I would like to thank you for sharing your voice and joining the fun. Let’s continue with the good communication and positive vibes to build for a better tomorrow at Delta together.

Let’s look forward to another wonderful year together in 2022!

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KK Chong and David Nakayama

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