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Happy 3rd Anniversary to Our 360 Magazine!

By KK Chong and David Nakayama - Published January 19, 2023

Delta Thailand 360 Team enjoying our 2023 New Year Party
Text by KK Chong and David Nakayama, DET Corp Comms

New Year, new 360! After two looong years, we can finally sort of say goodbye to COVID-19 and hello to all our friends in Thailand and our regions. And we got some exciting news. Our 360 will have a major redesign and starting from our next issue in March, we hope to bring you a more sleek and user-friendly platform to enjoy all your favorite columns.

A HUGE thank you to our Delta editorial team in Thailand, India, Singapore and Australia who have been on the frontline in 2022 to get the latest scoop and share YOUR voice with all our Delta folks. Special thanks to all the executives who participated in our 2022 Up Close column to share their stories, life experiences and leadership lessons with us. And a MASSIVE shout out to everyone who spoke up in our podcast, videos and articles.

We hope our 360 community is a place where you can be yourself and join us in celebrating our strength through diversity. Hot topics on 360 this last year include:

  • DET local R&D: Interview with our R&D Director, R&D engineers and interns
  • Thai startups: Interviews with winners of the Delta Angel Fund for Startups
  • Diversity and Inclusion: LGBT Deltans continue speaking out as Delta Thailand blazes a trail for DEI in the global Delta Group
  • Determination driving Delta: This year’s Long-Service Awards and Most Remarkable Awards recognize individual contribution to our success at Delta

Please let us know what issues you would like to highlight and how you want to make Delta a happy and healthy workplace for everyone. You can comment on our IG account or Comment box below every article or email us at det.marketing@deltaww.com. We are looking forward to receiving your feedback.

For our 3-Year Anniversary issue of 360, we are excited to highlight OUR latest successes and sustainability milestones. In the Focus section, we find out how Delta Australia’s latest rural electrification system approval will help provide off-grid power to more customers and we hear the inspiring growth story of a female eco-business entrepreneur supported by our Delta Angel Fund.

In the Up Close section, we meet our veteran female Delta leader Ampai Wiwatmongkonkit, DET Logistics and Supply Chain Director, who shares how she built a rewarding career at Delta with support from capable and trusting managers and teammates.

In our On-site section, we discover how Delta India is making inroads in the EV charging and automation sectors. We also see come of our latest events in Thailand to promote our 8K digital projector, EV chargers and a unique cooling solution for data centers in the local market.

In the Our Success section, we hear the incredible story of how Delta Indonesia supplied over 240 EV chargers used for around 900 charges at the 2022 Bali G20 Summit. We also celebrate Delta Thailand’s inclusion into the ASEAN Asset Class by the ASEAN CG Scorecard Project and our return to the prestigious SET50 and SET100 indices of the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

The CSR section features our activity to raise awareness of traffic safety and the health and safety risks of substance abuse among our company drivers.

The Fun section, brings us all the action, with photos and videos, of our Delta year-end celebrations in Singapore and Thailand. We also can see some of the fun activities held by HR.

On behalf of our 360 editorial team, I would like to thank you for sharing your voice and helping to make Delta a more welcoming and fun place. Let’s continue our conversation and lift each other up with positive vibes in 2023!

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KK Chong and David Nakayama

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