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The Joy of the Gifting Season is Back

By KK Chong - Published November 16, 2020

Text by KK Chong, DET Corp Comms

Christmas decorations are already up in Bangkok. Thais are known to be joyous people who love to celebrate. So Christmas is one of those occasions they cannot miss. Despite being a Buddhist majority country, many Thais take gifting during Christmas and New Year very seriously. Coincidentally my team was also in the midst of selecting VIP corporate gifts for the next year. It has proven to be more challenging than I thought, although this isn’t the first time.

I dislike buying gifts as I tend to overthink. I can take an hour in a small department with lots of “Googling” in between just to decide on one low budget gift. That said, I am always delighted to see the smile and surprise on the recipient of my gift.

So what makes a perfect gift? In my opinion, it depends on the message we want the gift to represent. A gift that picks up the subtle traits of the person would show that he/ she is someone you really care about. For example, an expensive tie in the recipient’s favorite color knowing he/ she has expensive taste. Or just an economical home-cooked meal with that same person’s favorite dishes can still make a perfect gift. On the other hand, a generic gift like a keychain or fridge magnet from your vacation, is like telling the recipient he/ she has not been forgotten, period, no more and no less.

So what makes the perfect corporate gift for a VIP you have not met? After one month of search, emails, surveys and deliberations, we’ve defined that perfect (or near-perfect) VIP gift to be something that he/ she can always see, i.e. decoration piece with a significant size; something representative of local craftsmanship; something of high quality; something not commonly found in malls and souvenir shops; and something with a nice packaging because good packaging, like good marketing, elevates the value of the product.

Hopefully, these seemingly basic gifting tips can help you get through during festive months with a little more efficiency and less frustration.

In this festive issue of 360, we’ve several good news to report. DET has just wrapped up our successful annual Delta Future Industry Summit 2020 in October. You can read and watch highlights of what went on and comments from the industry leaders present at the Summit. Another good news is the listing of Delta Thailand on the London based FTSE4Good Index Series for the fourth consecutive year. The index measures performance in companies demonstrating strong Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices.

In the Up Close section, we meet Jimmy Wan, Country Manager for Delta and Eltek Singapore. Read how he defines great leaders, juggles between family and work and how he manages the challenges of growing both Delta and Eltek brands in the region.

In the CSR section, discover how Delta supports Thai SMEs through the Delta Angel Fund initiative and join our team on a trip to visit schools supported by Delta in the mountains of Northern Thailand. In the third part of our audio series in our On-site section, we get to hear some saving tips from our colleagues from various departments. We also hear some more WFH tips from our colleague Genalyn in the Philippines.

And to add to the festive mood, check out the Fun section where our editorial members, Joyce, our resident designer, teaches us how to make a professional logo and Benjapol, a professional photographer, shares with us some of his favorite traveling pics. Our green-thumbed colleague Aonthip shares about her home gardening adventures for all.  

In this issue’s Hotspot section we have more travel ideas, hopefully, for your next vacation in the coming year, experience the beauty of Koh Samui from the article and photographs of our Thai travel expert Chanokchon. You can also take a look at some iconic floating markets around Bangkok for your future Thailand itinerary.

As this will be the last issue for 2020, on behalf of our 360 editorial team, I would like to thank you for your interest in the magazine and wish you and your family health, peace and happiness in 2021!

Happy Diwali, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to come!

KK Chong

About the Author (Editorial Team)

KK Chong

Cliché inspirational quotes make me cringe while creative ideas and people inspire me. Love food, dogs, traveling and staying healthy. Not one who is contented to be marching on the same spot for too long, I am grateful for the many opportunities given to explore and learn new things in Delta since 2004. See you on LinkedIn  https://www.linkedin.com/in/chongkk/

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