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What Makes a Good Employer?

By KK Chong - Published July 15, 2021

Text by KK Chong, DET Corp Comm

Recently our Marcom team has been working with our Human Resource and Employee Relation departments to polish up the company’s employee benefits communication strategy. During the process, we’ve been benchmarking Delta’s employee compensation and benefits with the local electronics manufacturing industry.

The fact that Delta Thailand is ranked among the top percentile in terms of salary is nothing surprising to me considering I’ve been here for over a decade. But what about the intangible areas? How do we measure a good employer?

When I first joined Delta Thailand as a QA Manager in 2004, moving from a Fortune 500 company which used to be ranked among the best employers in Singapore and USA, it took me a while to accept the reality that air-conditioned canteen in the workplace and daily cubicle cleaning service are not a given. Not to mention there wasn’t any cubicle.

Nevertheless, as a young executive then, I did not regret my decision because the compensation package was better and with a flatter organizational structure, things get done faster. Not to mention that I got to make more important job decisions which have more significance to the company than what I was doing in the previous job. But staying in Delta for nearly two decades was never what I had expected.

From my experience, I would say that in addition to monetary compensations and benefits comparable to the best in the respective industry, there are several other intangible areas that make a good employer. These areas would be the opportunities to perform in your job with little red tapes; being truly recognized by your contribution instead of politics; and an ever-evolving corporate culture that is not averse to change.

And some say you work for your boss, not the company. Fortunately, I’ve the chance to be mentored by great leaders in Delta. Nearly two decades later, I’ve been given opportunities in different roles from QA to business development to marketing communications. Such are the opportunities I don’t think are a standard issue in an average company. And I am not an exception in the company.

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KK Chong

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KK Chong

Cliché inspirational quotes make me cringe while creative ideas and people inspire me. Love food, dogs, traveling and staying healthy. Not one who is contented to be marching on the same spot for too long, I am grateful for the many opportunities given to explore and learn new things in Delta since 2004. See you on LinkedIn  https://www.linkedin.com/in/chongkk/

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