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A Journey to the tip of Australia and back

By Dave Roberts - Published September 21, 2022

Recently, I went on a well planned trip from Sydney to the Northernmost tip of Australia, Cape York.

Travelling with my 9-year-old daughter and 8 friends, we drove on the Iconic Telegraph Track, which was built in 1885 with 2 wires sending Morse Code to connect Australia to the rest of the world.

Our group traversed over 20 Deep River Crossings and bridges made of logs and visited stunning places like Fruit Bat Falls and the Jardine River, which is full of crocodiles.

We spent 4 weeks on the road travelling up Australia’s East Coast to Cairns in the far north of Queensland, and then up to Cape York before heading back to Cairns.

We took an inland route back home through Longreach, the birthplace of Qantas, and Charleville, the home of the Australian Flying Doctors Service.

We then went down Lightning Ridge, which is famous for Australian Opals. We made an effort to travel through remote roads whenever possible and witnessed some amazing sunrises.

Dave Roberts

About the Author (Guest Contributor)

Dave Roberts

I joined Delta in March 2022 seeking a challenge and to make a difference. And with over 20 years in the Electrical Industry, I believe is the right place to achieve that. I am a Mission Critical BDM based in the Sydney Office and love the team environment offered by our small but successful team.

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Dave Roberts' journey to the tip of Australia and back is nothing short of adventurous and awe-inspiring. His well-planned trip, accompanied by his daughter and friends, highlights the beauty and diversity of Australia's landscapes and landmarks. From traversing the historic Telegraph Track to encountering crocodiles at Jardine River, every moment seems like an exhilarating experience. Roberts' narrative not only captures the thrill of exploration but also emphasizes the importance of appreciating remote and lesser-known regions. His journey serves as a reminder of the wonders that await those who dare to venture off the beaten path. Overall, Roberts' story is both captivating and enlightening, offering readers a glimpse into the extraordinary adventures that can unfold when one embarks on a journey of discovery. Great job, Dave Roberts, for sharing your remarkable travel experience with us!

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