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Local Weekend Adventures Outside of Bangkok

By David Nakayama - Published July 15, 2021

Text and photos by David Nakayama, DET Corp Comms

As the COVID-19 situation in Bangkok remains serious, frequent lockdowns make going to the gym, restaurant or even the park impossible.

But that doesn’t mean we need to spend our weekends cooped up in your city high rise or townhouse. Maybe it’s time you grabbed your gear got in your car and drove out to the outlying provinces where you can enjoy the freedom of wide-open spaces with the locals.

Let’s look at a few hidden spots in Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard area that you may have never heard of, but that are popular with the locals. Head here to enjoy a relaxing crowd-free weekend with your family or pets in nature.

Sriracha: Nong Khor AirfieldThis small single runway airfield in Siracha is near the Nong Kho reservoir. It's a private airport mainly used for small aircraft and microlight flying and skydiving. You can also get a coffee at the café.

During the pandemic, the runway has become a popular place for locals and families to come in the afternoons and evenings for fishing, cycling, surf skateboard and jogging. You can come to watch the planes with your kids, exercise your dogs or do any activity as long as you bring your own gear.

Pattaya: Wisdom ValleyWisdom Valley is a fruit farm, park and skate park with cafés and a lake located in the hills above Pattaya city. There is a motocross dirt bike track nearby and dirt trails cutting through cassava fields and coconut tree plantations that you can explore by off-road motorbike or mountain bike.

Surf skateboarding is making a big comeback in Thailand as local Tik-Tokers make a dash for all things “retro”. This gives young people a fun opportunity to put down their smartphones and get active. You can skate at the ramps or the lakeside park or take trails on the farm for jogging or cycling.

Rayong: Dok Krai ReservoirThis is one of the popular man-made lakes in Rayong where the locals go fishing, have picnics or go cycling. You can also contact a water sports club to do activities like wakeboarding and paddleboarding.

Many Thais like to have lunch at restaurants on stilts over the water. Here you can try local specialties and watch the birds, dogs and fishermen along the shoreline.

SummaryLeaving the crowds and the PM2.5 smog of Bangkok can lift your spirits and help broaden your horizons. Out in the provinces, you can see how the majority of Thais actually live in a more Sabai-sabai (relaxed/chilled out) way.

We hope you can find more ways to de-stress and enjoy your weekends exploring “Amazing Thailand”.

Useful Links
Nong Khor Airfield
Location: https://goo.gl/maps/tQvXMPRpWEq6WK6s9
Thai Flying Club: http://www.thaiflyingclub.com/
Skydiving: https://www.thaiskyadventures.com/
Wisdom Valley
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Motorcross Track: https://goo.gl/maps/u5w7dMsTaxX2S3Fo9
Mount bike trails: https://bicyclethailand.com/khao-mai-kaeo/
Dok Krai Reservoir
Location: https://goo.gl/maps/a7TvkP6B2xSDqSLSA
Wakeboard: https://wakescout.com/listing/3479/asia/thailand/rayong/rayong-rayong/dok-krai-lakeside-resort/

David Nakayama

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