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Srinakarin Night Market: Treasure Chest of Surprises

By David Nakayama - Published July 14, 2020

Text and Photos by David Nakayama, DET Corp Comms

Bangkok, Thailand, June 8, 2020-Night markets are a huge part of life in Southeast Asia and a fun way to get a feel for local life in Thailand. From tasty chews to the latest (knock-off?) fashion and gadgets, you’ll find all kinds of surprising items and characters gathered in the neon bathed rows and lots.

Let’s take a look at one of Bangkok’s largest and most eclectic night markets right in Delta Thailand’s neighborhood-the Srinakarin Night Market.Its convenient location, near the Dusit Princess Hotel and Seacon Square Shopping Mall, makes the Srinakarin Night Market is a perfect after-work chillax spot for visitors to our Delta Thailand headquarters.

There’s even a golf course, with a nighttime driving range, where you can blast away the stress of your business meetings at Delta:)Lovers of all things vintage will appreciate the abundance of US, Japanese and Thai vintage clothing, souvenirs and antiques packed in retrofitted warehouses decorated with urban murals, Vietnam War-era helicopters and old Vespa scooter shells.

Motorheads will rejoice to find an entire section dedicated to classic American hotrods and trucks with garages specializing in loving restorations of these motorized works of art.And if you’re just looking for a gift for your significant other or something to wow the kids at home, you can browse through the indie urban wear, artistic houseware or useful gadgets to decorate (or clutter) your office desk or living room.

With luck, you’ll find a couple of good conversation starters among the thousands of options available. And although it’s a market, you won’t need to bargain prices with the peace-loving Thais who are all smiles.Foodies can choose between having a meal in an open terrace sit-down restaurant or do a food stall crawl in the street food section. Some great restaurant choices include Thai grill, barbequed ribs, wood-fire oven pizza and the ingenious Thai hotpot/grill combo invention-Moo Kata. A popular street food, featured on many Youtube channels, is giant braised ribs in a bowl piled high with green chili. Eat this at your own risk!

And your night market visit wouldn’t be complete without a stop at an open-air bar to try one of the headache-inducing Thai frozen cocktails (laced with the infamous Thai spirit-SangSom) or you can down a standard Singha Beer with ice (Thai style).

Many of the bars and restaurants offer feature live music or great vantage points to watch the crowds of locals enjoying another leisurely weekend in Bangkok’s southeast suburbs.

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Srinakarin Night Train Market: https://www.hotels.com/go/thailand/rod-fai-market
Location: https://goo.gl/maps/LJrSQdngSAoSuLEfA

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