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DET Voices #20 My Memorable Moments at Delta: A Special Chat with Delta Thailand Retirees

By Delta SEA HR - Published January 22, 2024

In 2023, it is with immense joy and gratitude that we convey our congratulations to our colleagues who have achieved a significant milestone in their journey – retirement. Each of these individuals has devoted 20-30 years of service to our company, working a vital role in our collective success.

In this special edition of our mini-podcast DET Voices, we have an opportunity to hear five Delta Thailand retirees share their perspectives on work and life.

Mr. Sontaya Choksawat

My name is Sontaya Chocksawat, from the MSBU Plant. I joined Delta on March 26, 1990, initially working in the Quality Control Department. Over many years, I progressed through various roles, including the production department and work sections of different subcontractors, such as PMC and Warehouse. I also had the opportunity to support operations in Myanmar and India, upon the recommendation of management.

When I started working, I didn't feel that much passion. But with time, I developed myself further. I gained more insight into my work and my managers recognized my efforts by promoting me to higher positions which boosted my confidence. One of the most memorable moments of my career was receiving the Long Service Award for 30 years of dedication from President Jackie. I never expected such a recognition and consider it an award that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

The most significant change for me at Delta was in personal growth. Coming from a rural background with just a vocational certificate, I joined the company as a young worker and Delta provided me with the opportunity to earn a bachelor's degree. This change in knowledge had a lasting impression on me.

To the new generation joining Delta, I advise you to pay attention to learning about your work and colleagues. Understand the organization as much as possible, and care for the company's assets as our company is here to support us. Our assets are like the tools we use to earn our livelihoods.

Finally, I want to say that our Delta family has grown. Initially, our Delta family was small, but now it has expanded significantly. I hope Delta continues to provide stability for employees and fosters a sense of closeness, enabling everyone to feel like one big family.

Mrs. Panor Thong-in

I am Panor Thong-in from Delta Plant 3. I learned about this company through a friend's recommendation and applied when I was 23 years old. Now, at the age of 55, I am on the verge of retirement.

During my work at Delta, I have experienced the benefits of overtime work and received bonuses. Starting my career at 23, I eventually got married and raised three children. My eldest son graduated with a bachelor's degree. My second child, a daughter, attained a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in the US. My third child completed a bachelor's degree in China. Delta had a significant role in shaping my family life.

I am deeply impressed by the positive aspects of being associated with Delta, such as the overtime hours and bonus, which have contributed to my income and provided a fulfilling family life. The camaraderie with colleagues and the supportive relationship I had with my supervisor, have made Delta a part of my identity.

I have witnessed the company's growth from Delta Plant 1 to our latest Plant 8, with Plant 9 in the works. The pleasant surroundings at the factory today and our improved transportation, like air-conditioned buses, add to a positive work environment.

Our dedication, motivation, care and attention to our work ensure success. With such strong commitment, both our professional and family life can prosper. I want to express my gratitude to Delta for its role in positively shaping my life.

Meanwhile, I would like to bring attention to a matter concerning employees who retire at 55 years of age (Thailand’s legal retirement age). Some of them may not have families or parents to care for but are still strong with the desire to continue their employment with Delta. I hope that the company will consider extending employment opportunities for such individuals.

Additionally, retired individuals could potentially contribute by creating products and Delta could open a store for them to sell their goods. This can foster a connection between retired employees and the company's future progress.

Mr. Soonthorn Khumramphung

I am Sunthon Khumramphung from the Facility Department at Delta Plant 3 (DNI). Although my tenure with Delta is over 28 years, our company's remarkable growth over the past three decades has exceeded my expectations. Initially, our product range was limited, including items like the Switching Adapter, Monitor, Mac-Com, and various components such as MSBU components and EMI filters.

Delta has become my second family for me since I joined, and I've had the privilege of working alongside dedicated colleagues and managers. The company has played a crucial role in shaping my life, providing not just a source of income but also enabling me to build a home and more through my hard work.

Throughout my 28 years at Delta, I've experienced two changes in supervisors and had department transfers. These shifts were significant moments that influenced my perspective and brought about substantial changes in my professional journey.

I want to convey my gratitude to Delta's management and the company itself. I have remained in the Facilities Department from the beginning of my career until my retirement. I have never changed departments. I hold fond memories of my time in my department and miss the camaraderie with my colleagues and juniors.

To current and future Delta employees, I encourage you to actively contribute to the company's growth, continuously develop your skills and focus on internal resilience for sustained success.

Ms. Chonticha Momklang

I'm Chonticha Momklang, from the Repair Center Department at Delta Plant 5. Initially, I had no plans to join the company. While strolling with a friend, we stumbled upon the company hiring employees. So, we decided to apply together and submitted our applications that day receiving our results in the evening. This marked the beginning of our employment.

My initial moments on the job were filled with tension. Yet as I engaged myself in my tasks, I encountered supportive colleagues and a commendable supervisor who guided me. Over time, Delta started feeling like a second home due to the strong bond I developed with the company.

My impression of Delta is that it is a workplace that has provided me with the means to own a home and car and have financial stability. I've been able to support my family members, thanks to the opportunities at Delta. The most significant turning point in my Delta journey was transitioning from Plant 1 to Plant 3. An important change occurred when I started working at Plant 5. This experience has been transformative for me and our company especially considering Delta's growth from Plant 1, 2, and 3 to the current 8 and 9.

For the upcoming generation, I encourage them to approach their work with determination and dedication. Strive for excellence and contribute to the company's prosperity. It is our responsibility to give our best efforts.

I'd also like to highlight the importance of management taking care of employees. Some individuals may retire at 55 years old, but they still have much more to offer. Please consider granting them the opportunity to continue working for another year or two, recognizing that they have the energy and capability.

I implore Delta's management to consider this matter with compassion for the workers whose hands have helped build this company for years.

Mr. Panjarat Benmart

I am Panjapat Benmart in the Production Support Department. Initially, I heard Delta operated as a highly efficient electronics factory, ensuring robust production, profits, and consistent overtime. This insight came from my wife's direct involvement with the company. I found the job here is demanding and made me apply the knowledge I acquired through my studies. This experience not only allowed me to learn more skills but also afforded me the time to pursue and complete my bachelor's degree.

My journey at Delta commenced with contributing to the establishment of Delta Plant 5. In my role within the Production Support Department, I assisted the Production Team. Witnessing the tremendous growth of the factory that now extends to Plant 8 and soon to Plant 9 with potential expansion to Plant 12. This growth continues to surprise me whenever I join the company meetings.

My engagement with the company enabled me to study abroad in Slovakia, elevating my professional qualifications. My family underwent positive changes with my children graduating and getting stable jobs. One child became a teacher at Assumption College. A second works in civil service, and a third pursued Nursing studies at Burapha University. Education ensures future employability.

Delta has encouraged and given me opportunities. I see Delta as a technologically advanced and great company with financial stability that ensures a good quality of life. I support Delta’s goal to maintain high production standards that contribute to our nation's economic growth and the further expansion of Delta Thailand's production capabilities.


These heart-warming interviews of our Delta Thailand retirees reflect the many bittersweet memories, insights and shared experiences that have defined the remarkable journeys of our veterans at Delta. Even as they hang up their boots, many of our departing veterans still show genuine care for the welfare of their colleagues, the future of Delta and their beloved nation-Thailand!

We wish all retirees success, joy and fulfillment in the years ahead.

Remember that your journey doesn't end here; it now transforms into an exciting new life chapter!

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