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Delta Australia Supports IFEEC Seminar for Power Electronics Talent Development

By Delta Australia - Published January 16, 2024

The 2023 International Future Energy Electronics Conference (IFEEC) is a premier global event held in Sydney Australia from November 20 to 23.

The event brought together renowned researchers, industry experts, and policymakers to discuss and explore the pivotal role of power electronics in driving the transition toward a sustainable future.

The conference also provided a platform for in-depth conversations, addressing the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in this transformative field. Delta joined as a key event sponsor.

David Leal, Delta SEA Vice President of Business, gave the keynote address with the topic ‘Power Electronics Engineers: The world is your oyster”. He provided valuable insights into his experience in a career in power electronics and the industry factors shaping the future of energy through the eyes of Delta Electronics.

With his broad international and local experience, Leal captivated the academic and student audience by discussing the latest industry mega trends and their potential impact on careers in power electronics.

During the afternoon panel discussion, Farhad Azizian, DEAU Engineer Manager, shared significant insights on how Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) will revolutionize Data Centres. Azizian highlighted the potential of BESS in enabling energy storage, reducing reliance on diesel generators, and the challenges of connecting to the grid.

During break times, the next generation of innovators and researchers were able to engage with our local engineering team to learn more about Delta Electronics and the products supporting a sustainable tomorrow.

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