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Delta India Launches Social Media Campaign to Raise Awareness on Sustainability

By Delta India - Published March 27, 2023

By Delta India

We hear the term "sustainability" a lot, but we don't always understand what it means. It includes how natural systems work, how they continue to be diverse, and how they produce everything needed for the environment to remain in balance now and in the future.

Delta India launched the #iamproud contest in December as part of a social media campaign in which we urged all employees across all locations to highlight any big or small changes they have achieved for our ecosystem in 2022.

A poster was created and distributed over all Delta locations in India. We also created a mailer and urged employees to share videos, pictures, and detailed descriptions of their accomplishments on LinkedIn tagging Delta Electronics India using hashtag #iamproud

Finding ways to get all employees, from top executives to assembly line workers, personally involved in day-to-day corporate sustainability efforts is critical to creating a vibrant and sustainable company.

That’s why this Delta sustainability campaign focused on incorporating social and environmental issues into every aspect of delta employee life and bringing them on board as brand ambassadors to promote sustainability.

We shared a few examples with the employees and asked them to share their innovative ideas, such as not purchasing kitchen plastic disposables and replacing them with reusable options, switching to an EV car, using eco paints at home, not using plastic bottles and plastic bags, and so on.

This initiative received a great deal of praise, and employees from different Delta offices in India participated. More than ever, our planet requires us to take action and leave a better and healthier environment for future generations.

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