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Celebrating Delta Indonesia's Inaugural CIS Seminar!

By Delta Indonesia - Published January 16, 2024

Jakarta, Indonesia, November 21-22, 2023- It was a momentous occasion for Delta Indonesia to successfully host its first CIS seminar. In this dynamic two-day event we invited our esteemed partners, Nexwave Technologies and PT Westindo Esa Perkasa, each to a dedicated session at each day.

Johnny Tam, Delta Indonesia Country Manager, gave an inspiring opening speech to set the tone for an engaging exploration of our industry-leading solutions. Sakda Sae-Ueng, Delta SEA & Oceania Regional Business Director of CISBU, then shared pioneering insights on Power Train Unit (PTU) solutions, Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), and cooling solutions across both days. His expertise added depth and vision to our discussions, setting the stage for collaborative growth.

Participants also had the opportunity to enjoy an immersive VR experience that enabled a virtual tour of a Delta datacenter. They could also get a closeup look at the 3D miniature model showcase, and an engaging DCIM demo, providing partners from Nexwave and Westindo with a comprehensive understanding of our innovative solutions. These interactive experiences bridged the gap between theory and practice, enriching our partnerships.

In addition, Delta CIS shared the BUs major success stories from around the world and gave a video presentation for everyone to see actual applications of the data center products and solutions at customers' sites. After this, we held a Q&A to cover any technical details with the audience. The event ended with a nice dinner for everyone and even a lucky draw with special prizes.

CIS would like to say congratulations to Delta Indonesia on orchestrating the seminar that united partners under a common vision for innovation and collaboration. This marks the beginning of a journey toward pioneering advancements in the datacenter industry.

Thanks also to local partners Nexwave and Westindo for your invaluable support throughout this seminar. We greatly appreciate your partnership and look forward to continued collaboration, driving innovation and success.

Delta Indonesia

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