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Delta Singapore Moves to Our New Home!

By Bernice Lim - Published May 10, 2023

Delta Electronics Int’l Singapore is thrilled to announce the successful completion of our office moves to a new location on 3rd March 2023. We have been preparing for this move for several months and are excited to finally have our Teban and Kaki Bukit colleagues working together in the same office building. Currently, our office includes the Sales, Product Warehouse and Service teams of Delta Singapore.

The new office location offers modern facilities and technology that will enable Delta Singapore to operate more efficiently and effectively. Incorporating various departments from sales to production at one location has strengthened the level of communication and service, which will translate to better client access. We believe this will improve business and boost its brand heading into the future.

In terms of work environment, the new office location is designed to promote collaboration, creativity, and innovation, providing a more conducive working

environment for employees. Delta Singapore believes it will help attract and retain the best talent in the industry.

Everyone at Delta Singapore is excited about this move’s potential for the company and stakeholders. With its teams under one roof, the company can collaborate more easily, and clients will benefit from a seamless experience from start to finish. The company is committed to providing exceptional service and support to all our clients, and we believe that the new office location will help us achieve bigger goals.

Kindly note that our DRC and Showroom are still in the process of renovating. However, once our office building is fully renovated, we will be making another official announcement, and we look forward to showcasing our upgraded facilities to everyone.

Delta would like to take this opportunity to thank our stakeholders for their continued support. Delta Singapore looks forward to welcoming everyone to our new
office, where we can provide even better communication and service for business needs.

Effective from 1st February 2023, our company is officially registered at the new address, which can be found below:

Overall, Delta Singapore’s move to a new office location marks an important milestone for the company and we are excited about the positive impact this move will have on our business and stakeholders.

Bernice Lim

About the Author (Guest Contributor)

Bernice Lim

I am a passionate and driven individual who believes in continuous learning and growth. I thrive outside of my comfort zone and prioritize time management to achieve my goals. I am a Marketing Executive at Delta Singapore with experience in various aspects of marketing, including branding, event planning, and customer engagement. I am committed to developing innovative and effective marketing strategies that connect with target audiences and drive business growth.

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