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Delta Showcases Smart Solutions Driven by Wellness, Efficiency and Sustainability at Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC (ITAP) 2022

By Delta Singapore - Published November 20, 2022

By Delta Singapore

SINGAPORE, 21 October 2022 – Delta Electronics Int’l (Singapore), a world-class provider of power management and industrial automation solutions, featured a broad range of automation and energy solutions at the Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC (ITAP) 2022 event that took place from 18 to 20 October 2022.

Delta’s showcase focused on industrial and building automation solutions that utilise digitalisation to drive efficiency and security, promote the health and wellness of the workforce, and enhance eco-friendly operations.

Headquartered in Taiwan, Delta focuses on providing smarter and greener solutions in power electronics, automation, and infrastructure. The global company caters to many applications including data centres, EV chargers, LED lighting, smart buildings, photovoltaics. At this year’s ITAP tradeshow, Delta presented several industrial automation solutions, building automation solutions, and energy infrastructure solutions including the VTScada software and VIVOTEK INSIGHT series for industrial automation and DeltaGrid® energy management solution for energy infrastructure.

VTScada serves as a flexible and scalable software that provides a refreshingly intuitive platform for creating highly customised industrial monitoring and control applications. The software utilises a unique architecture to integrate all core HMI SCADA software features into a single, easy-to-use package.

With VTScada, businesses that deal with vast amounts of data can manage them effectively and . This is especially crucial for process automation, which require distribution control and system stability in each operation stage to drive the output results. For instance, in water treatment, VTScada offers more extensive monitoring and managing of such complicated processing procedures, allowing for increased operational efficiency and safety levels.  

In addition to industrial efficiency, Delta also offers intelligent security to businesses and organisations of various sizes. The VIVOTEK INSIGHT series exhibited at Delta’s booth is a series of solutions that leverage OSSA® (Open Security & Safety Alliance) and the Azena operating system for applications making it easily created, maintained and updated for security purposes.

With the INSIGHT series, software developers can implement an open platform into physical surveillance products, enabling a system of integrators, software and users to utilise security cameras for actionable insights. Another advantage of INSIGHT is that Artificial Intelligence can be added to any IP system for a variety of purposes, for instance, monitoring seat occupancy in buses and trains, detecting facemasks in entrance cameras, tracking foot traffic data for retailers, and more.A comprehensive energy management solution helps business owners save energy and cut costs effectively. DeltaGrid® is Delta’s key energy IoT solution that collects energy consumption data from a slew of smart energy solutions, including solar energy, EV charging, and energy storage systems on a single platform. It is built on the concept of energy generation, energy control, and smart unloading. This solution helps reduce the complexity of energy management for facility managers.

DeltaGrid® can also be integrated with the VTScada software to enable powerful and comprehensive industrial automation and system integration. When used in tandem, VTScada offers the DeltaGrid® energy management solution better visibility of how companies can save energy as a whole, even with smart energy solutions in place, hence, propelling them to the next level of energy efficiency.

Delta’s building automation solutions are based on a concept of wellness for occupants and greener buildings for the planet – this includes the iBMS Smart Building Management System, another key solution showcased at Delta’s booth.

As a combination of Delta’s building automation system with Building Information Modeling (BMI) technology, the iBMS Smart Building Management System offers smart surveillance and efficiency analysis for air conditioning, lighting, energy management, fire control, and other systems in the 3D dimension. This aids with maintenance and reduces accident handling time. A factory building with the iBMS can coordinate everything from building operations to communications, allowing facility staff to monitor, control, and integrate the proper climate for their occupants.

“At Delta, we are highly committed to building energy-efficient and human-centric solutions that are also eco-friendly – promoting sustainability from an industrial level. Sustainability has been a key driving force for Delta’s innovation. We are the first TCFD supporter in the global technology manufacturing industry that has also been selected for the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices ‘World Index’ for the eleventh year in a row (with the highest scores in the global electronic equipment industry),” said Ms. Cecilia Ku, general manager of Delta Electronics Int’l (Singapore).

“We look forward to participating in the next ITAP, working alongside industry partners to showcase solutions that will support the evolving industrial transformation,” she added.

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