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Delta spends around 8-9 percent of its annual sales revenue on R&D

By Manish Walia - Published January 19, 2023

By Manish Walia, Business Head-IA Solutions, Delta India

Interview published in Industrial Automation magazine

How and when did Delta Electronics enter the Indian market?

Delta came to India in the year 2003 when it acquired ASCOM, a Swiss company operating in the networking and telecom space globally as well as in India, so it is close to two decades now. So in India we started with the telecom industry which was growing rapidly and we have a strong present in this sector.

Gradually, over the next few years, Delta also introduced products catering to other segments like power solutions, UPS systems, display solutions and industrial automation products, and has established itself as a reliable supplier of quality products across various segments.

Smarter, Greener, Together, is how Delta has positioned itself as seen in the display here at Automaton Expo 2022 – how is the company helping the industry in this mission?

Yes, Smarter, Greener, Together is our motto and the buzzword, bringing in a lot of new and innovative products. Delta spends around 8-9% of its annual sales revenue on R&D, which helps us bring smarter products and processors or manufacturing lines, which is becoming important with energy getting very expensive.

We have probably saved, with all our innovations, billions of kWh of energy in the last few years, helping reduce power consumption. Better processors and more energy efficient products in turn improve the efficiency of machines and processes across the various industry verticals that we are helping automate.

On the greener side, we have a lot of focus on the sustainability part, with renewable energy solutions like our solar pump controller solution for drinking water supply and irrigation, supporting the green revolution in agriculture or even solutions for the wind energy sector, for example.

There is a robot on display here in your booth. Is it a Delta product? What are the Delta products in robots?

This is an articulated robot from Delta. We are primarily a manufacturing company and almost 95% of the products on display are Delta products right from the smallest components costing just a few hundred rupees. As part of the smart manufacturing ecosystem, Delta has been developing robots for the last few years.

The Delta SCARA robots are available in a wide range and the latest has a 20 kg payload capacity. These are able to perform a wide range of tasks in manufacturing. Similar is the case with our six-axis articulated robots range. These robots have used in various applications and industry segments.

Apart from this, we build a lot of solutions for automotive and other industries, where in case we do not have the required payload, we use third-party products, but the concept, engineering and execution are all done by us and necessary support is provided for it.

Delta has launched the DIAStudio Smart Machine Suite. Has this been rolled out in India as well?

The DIAStudio Smart Machine Suite from Delta will help users gain more efficiency. We have started with a few customers but it is a new concept and we will have an aggressive launch very soon. Internally we have already started the process and all our application and sales personnel are working on it.

DIAStudio is a platform that is a complete package, and it will help customers choose the various solutions Delta offers, very quickly and quite comprehensively, to create a complete system or plan, better and faster.

One can say Delta today is synonymous with automation. So how automated are all the Delta manufacturing facilities globally?

You will be fascinated if you visit any of our manufacturing facilities. They are huge factories, all highly automated and it is not something that has happened recently.

In fact, the top management has mandated that all Delta facilities globally have to become Smart Factories. There are various teams working on the processes to make all our facilities smarter, improve energy efficiency, and make the carbon footprint smaller.

Manish Walia

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Manish Walia

I’m a 28-year industry veteran with experience in sales, marketing and program management. I joined Delta in 2008 and now head the Delta India IABG to develop Delta as a brand of choice aligned with market and tech trends. I’m a die-hard sports enthusiast, cricket player, team leader and I always try to spend quality time with my family.

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