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Delta Unveils Thailand’s First 8K Documentary at Adman Awards & Symposium 2022

By David Nakayama - Published January 19, 2023

Bangkok, Thailand, December 7-8, 2022 – Delta Thailand showcased Thailand’s first 8K documentary with the ultra-high resolution Digital Projection INSIGHT Laser 8K, the world’s first 8K laser projector, at the Adman Awards & Symposium 2022.

Delta Thailand collaborated with Thailand Entertainment Creators Network Association (TECNA) to produce the country’s first 8K documentary titled “Hues of Faith” which offers audiences a brilliant visual journey through the colorful history and culture of Northern Thailand.

The Adman Awards & Symposium is an annual advertising and content-creating industry event hosted by the Advertising Association of Thailand since 2004. Delta displayed the Hues of Faith 8K documentary and other films to attending marketing and creative communications practitioners, SMEs, entrepreneurs, academics and students in film, music and creative fields.

Delta collaborated with Digital Projection, a subsidiary of Delta Electronics, to design and manufacture the world's first 8K DLP Laser projector. The flagship projector is the ultimate solution for the most elaborate medical, scientific and immersive visualization and large venue applications.

In 2021, Delta Thailand launched Digital Projection INSIGHT Laser 8K for the Thailand market at the 50th-anniversary celebration of Delta Electronics in Taiwan.

The anniversary celebration in Bangkok featured a theater screening of “Water with Life”, an award-winning 8K environmental film produced by NHK Enterprises for the Delta Electronics Foundation, which underscores the importance of water conservation.

David Nakayama

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