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Do What’s Best For Your Team: Delta Singapore Country Manager Shares Secrets to Delta and Eltek’s Successes

By David Nakayama - Published November 15, 2020

Interview with Mr. Jimmy Wan, Country Manager for Eltek Singapore and Delta Electronics Singapore
Text by David Nakayama, DET Corp Comms
Photographs by Mr. Jimmy Wan

Bangkok, Thailand, November 9, 2020-As a world-class innovation hub and trendsetter in Southeast Asia, Singapore is a key regional base for both Eltek and Delta businesses and our R&D for advanced living solutions. In recent years, Delta’s brand presence in Singapore is growing stronger than ever, with MOUs between government and industry partners to promote Industry 4.0 solutions and a brand new office in the works.

In this email interview, Mr. Jimmy Wan, Country Manager for Eltek Singapore and Delta Electronics Singapore, shares his background in bringing power solutions around the Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific regions. He also shares the secrets to Eltek and Delta’s successful collaboration to drive regional growth, how to be a successful leader and the importance of a good work-life balance amid the global pandemic.

Can you please share with us about your life and career until now?

I graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 1999 and started off as a project engineer in the construction industry. It was a wonderful experience as I got involved in setting up the street lightings in Jurong Island, Singapore for my final project.

In 2001, I joined Eltek as a project engineer and immediately started off managing our project for Singapore’s largest telco with numerous big power plants in their central offices around the island. I also got involved in data center applications, handling many country deployments for data center, landing stations and co-location. I’ve traveled extensively in Asia for this work, hopping from country to country setting up power systems in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea.

However, during the 2003 SARS outbreak, there were very few projects to handle. So the management decided to convert all project engineers to sales. I accepted the challenge and started off as sales for Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Taiwan. From 2003 to 2007, 3G was booming and Eltek penetrated into major telcos in Southeast Asia and the APAC regions.

I then left Eltek in 2008 and rejoined in 2013 as the APAC head of sales for the industrial sector, prior to Delta’s acquisition of Eltek, and eventually moved to become Singapore Country Manager in 2018.

What are the unique positions of Delta and Eltek both in Singapore and within the Delta Group, and how do they best add value
Eltek focuses on high-efficiency power electronics and energy conversion and has a strong position in Asia. We serve multinational, regional and national builders of telecom infrastructure as well as industrial companies. We established our Singapore office as our Asia-Pacific Regional Office in 1997. Here we handle all matters relating to distribution, system assembly, technical support, and customer services, financing, marketing and sales.

Delta is a manufacturer of multiple products, which are the perfect match for Eltek’s current customers. For example, we were already selling Delta CIS UPS into one of the top three telcos in Singapore and now we’re moving on to provide a unified power proposal to the nation’s top two telcos too. In addition, we are running pilot projects for the telcos which combine solutions from Eltek, CIS and BA BGs together. This pilot project can be a 5G guide for edge infrastructure in the telecom sector.

In addition, Delta’s energy storage solutions and EV charging stations are our great door openers for different divisions/departments within Singapore’s largest utility company to whom we are already selling Eltek Industrial solutions to. So Delta’s vast product solution portfolio adds excellent opportunities for us in Singapore.

What are the top ways that COVID-19 has impacted your local and regional operations and what are the biggest challenges ahead that you foresee in the new normal?

The COVID-19 pandemic restricted travel in most countries. This obviously affects our operation in terms of production capacity and delivery.  Our production staff in Singapore are mainly from Malaysia, so they were unable to return to work due to the closed border.  Travel restrictions are not only limited to our operational workforce, it also hindered logistics and delivery to other countries and on-site installations. 

Looking at the COVID-19 situation now, we see it’s still spreading across countries and it seems like it’s becoming a protracted war.  We foresee the biggest challenge facing us to be project delay and limits to our support to other SEA countries. So we must keep our strong focus on telecom infrastructure, data center and industrial power business. On the other hand, we need to continue to explore new business opportunities like those in building automation and EVCS. For this, Delta Singapore is transforming to provide total solutions across different BUs to customers. 

Singapore plays an outsized role in Southeast Asia’s technological and economic development. Can you share any exciting projects your team is doing now in line with Singapore’s technological ambition?
Singapore is following the government’s guideline to transform into a Smart Nation with the digital economic trend moving forward at a rapid pace.  That’s why there are many exciting opportunities for Delta Singapore, in terms of smart technologies where multiple Delta BUBG could take part. 

For example, we are working on data center projects that deploy not only Delta’s CIS DCIM and Eltek power systems, but also have Delta’s BA BG’s camera and facial recognition systems as part of the solution. We are also heavily marketing our smart farming technologies, which combine Delta CIS BU power solutions for both private and public sector agricultural initiatives.  

In a market crowded with multinational giants, how can Delta Singapore continue to gain a competitive edge and attract top talents? 

Delta Singapore established as an R&D-focused company, with the Delta Research Center in life sciences at NTU Singapore. In 2019, Delta Singapore signed an MOU with the Singapore government agency, JTC, to promote and assist JTC's customers embarking on their Industrial 4.0 journey.  This is definitely a significant step to present Delta’s ability to offer complex power solutions and a broader product portfolio. 

In addition, Eltek is in Singapore since 1997 and is a recognized brand among major telecommunications and industrial network players which continues to attract attention across industries. With Delta’s continued investment in Singapore, we aim to be one of the key companies that attract talent to join us.

How do you instill the Delta corporate culture among your teams? Delta Singapore has a strong teamwork spirit. We face challenges and solve problems together regardless of which departments or BU/BG we are working in. I’m convinced that proper communication is the most effective bridge to convey corporate culture to the teams. Despite the physical distancing, we embrace technology to have our department and cross-functional meetings regularly, and we even created our own Delta Singapore page in the DMS platform.

Compared with its Southeast Asian neighbors, Singapore seems to have a much faster pace of life. How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance?

“Work-life balance” is now a popular buzzword in our society today. Yes, it’s certainly important to create a harmonious work-life balance to improve everyone’s physical, emotional and mental well-being. Personally, I’m strictly following my daily work schedule so dinner time is usually my valuable time to spend with family and to chat with our kids. Exercise also makes me feel recharged and I enjoy jogging in the evening 2-3 times a week and doing outdoor activities with my family on the weekend.

How do you juggle between work and family? 
I’m a father of four children, so family and work are equally important to me. It’s definitely not easy to juggle the busy daily work and handle pressure while covering childcare commitments outside the office. That’s why time management plays a critical role. I’m very grateful that I have such a splendid wife who has always supported me. She takes care of our family and allows me to concentrate fully on my career. 

What are the top qualities you look for in your business development leaders who ensure Delta’s success both in Singapore and the region? 

A leader has to think and do what is best for their team and not just for himself. Being an outstanding leader takes a lot of sacrifices, strong discipline and a commitment to excel. Beyond these qualities, they need to stay focused and be confident. Leaders must have a high level of integrity and be able to inspire and innovate. Last but not least, an excellent leader must always communicate positive attributes to his team.

Is there anything you would like to share with your Eltek and Delta colleagues around the world?

In this extraordinary period, we all face the severe impact of COVID-19. Too much uncertainly brings many challenges. However, Delta is a resilient company, an organization with insight and talent with the abilities to lead us through the crisis.

Remember, we have to be responsible for our company, community and family – PLEASE STAY HEALTHY. We can make a difference by fulfilling our social obligations. Let’s all wear a mask around others and stay away from crowds during this time. Thank you! 

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