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Delta Showcases Digital Projection INSIGHT Laser 8K projector at Sustainability and Cultural Promotion Event at CentralWorld

By Delta Thailand - Published July 10, 2023

BANGKOK, Thailand, June 14, 2023 - Delta Thailand showcased the world-class Digital Projection INSIGHT Laser 8K projector at a screening of the country’s first 8K documentary at CentralWorld Shopping Center, Central Court Zone, 1st Floor, from June 14-16.

The “Exploring Sustainability Through 8K Technology” screening event aimed to promote sustainability and Thai culture to international audiences through the use of world-class 8K projection technology by Delta’s associate company Digital Projection.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Jackie Chang, Delta Thailand President, said, “This is the first time Delta has hosted such an exciting tech-driven sustainability festival to showcase the beauty of Thai culture with best-in-class 8K resolution to the world. For Delta, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it is a commitment we take seriously.

As tourists return, we want to show the world the brilliant colors and rich heritage of this amazing country through the power of the Digital Projection INSIGHT Laser 8K projector. We hope this unique experience will create new opportunities for local businesses and raise awareness on the importance of ESG and sustainable development.”

Delta Thailand hosted Ms. Thapanee Kiatphaibool, Deputy Governor for Domestic Marketing at the Tourism Authority of Thailand, along with Thailand’s key industry leaders in the retail industry, event organizer, audiovisual equipment supplier and film industries at the invitation-only Opening Day on June 14 to view the country’s first 8K documentary “The Hues of Faith”, produced by Delta Thailand in partnership with the Thailand Entertainment Creators Network Association (TECNA), with Delta’s world-class INSIGHT Laser 8K projector. On June 15-16, the screening and showcases were open for public attendance.

To enhance awareness of sustainability, Delta held a screening of two 8K short documentaries “Life in the Coral Reefs” and the award-winning “Swimming with Humpback Whale” filmed by Japanese senior photographer Hiroyuki Nakagawasai and commissioned by the Delta Electronics Foundation to raise awareness of ocean conservation and biodiversity. The event also had an 8K photography exhibition by the Chulalongkorn University Photo Club with the theme “Sustainable Thailand”. Visitors could learn more about Delta’s ESG activities in Thailand at an onsite showcase.

High-resolution images have a high number of pixels for higher definition images. Many TVs on the consumer market are 4K with 3840x2160p resolution but relatively few 8K 7,680x4,320p resolution TVs are available and specialized 8K projectors are for large-scale applications. Founded in 1987, Digital Projection International introduced the world’s first 8K DLP® projector in 2018. Digital Projection 8K projectors are used for large-venue, live-event staging, education, medical and scientific research, command and control and digital cinema.

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