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Delta Philippines Driving E-mobility with DC Fast Charging Stations

By Genalyn Llorando - Published March 27, 2023

By Genalyn Llorando, Delta Philippines

Delta DC fast charging is taking off in the Philippines as EV ownership increases and the need for public fast charging stations becomes an urgent need for drivers. Automotive and property companies are taking action to meet the charging needs of their EV driver customers and Delta is supporting with the new DC City Charger that is compact, powerful and flexible.
Hyundai Motors Philippines
Delta supported a Hyundai Motors Philippines dealership to install a DC City 50kW charger with CCS2 dual guns to cater to their clients and who had bought the newly launched IONIQ 5.

Hyundai Pasong Tamo, Makati City is one of the dealerships that showcase the Korean car brand’s EVs in the Philippines. The dealer chose to install the Delta DC City Charger to help increase sales of their IONIQ 5 EV. Customers are happy to have a quick charger available to use at the dealership.

The appearance of the Delta charger is attractive and can match the classy sophisticated look of the latest Hyundai EV models. In terms of price, Delta is very competitive among other brands available in the market.

Due to the success of this installation, Hyundai now plans to have more installations with other dealerships or charging locations with two more sites to follow in the near future.
Power Plant Mall Makati
The Delta DC City 50kw was installed at the Power Plant Mall in Makati City which is under the Rockwell Land Developer. It was installed and commissioned by Delta's SI Partner, Solenergy Systems Inc. The DC City has two charging guns which are CCS2 and CHAdeMO that can be used by drivers of European, American and Japanese EVs.

Power Plant Mall chose to install a Delta DC Charger to increase mindshare for the mall with the added benefit of a EV quick charging station for drivers to use while shopping. The excellent feature of dual guns will cater to drivers of both European and Japanese EV models which are the prevailing choice for customers in the Philippines. The Rockwell Land Developer has plans to install six more sites with Delta EV chargers among their properties.

Genalyn Llorando

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