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Delta 99 Episode 4-6

By Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL. - Published November 10, 2021

Delta99 Episode 4: My expectations for Delta Thailand?

COVID-19 taught us all that Safety is important! We can make the right choices to protect ourselves and our families. The world is moving fast and I expect everyone at Delta to make changes and keep growing for our continued success. I expect you to take advantage of digital platforms and invest in ourselves to learn new things. We are hiring Thais at our factories and increasing our workforce this means more exciting opportunities for you! Let's grow sustainably together.

Delta99 Episode 5: Safety and Risk Management at Delta Thailand

I got a question: "How can we protect our Delta people and their property during emergencies like flooding?" Hear my answer and what we are doing to manage risk at Delta in this video. You can also take some simple steps to protect yourself better and get involved in building a safer cleaner world for our children. Find out more...

Delta99 Episode 6: A Rewarding Life at Delta Thailand

Today I answer some questions about our annual bonus. "Can we announce our bonus earlier to avoid rumors?" I'd like to give a simple explanation of DET's bonus system. I also explain why our bonus and performance are good in Thailand's electronics industry. Watch to find out more...

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