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Delta Thailand 2022 Scholarships

By Delta Thailand HR - Published March 20, 2022


Delta Thailand held the 2022 Scholarship Ceremony to support the tuition of employees and the children of employees enrolled in studies from primary school up to graduate school level. Congratulations to all our smart and hardworking scholars of all ages!

This year, Delta offered the following scholarships for students with outstanding grades:

  • Primary School (grades 1-6): 49

  • Secondary School (grades 1-6): 147

  • Vocational College and Vocational High School: 20

  • Bachelor and Master Degree: 19

In addition, Delta offered the following bursaries for students in financial need:

  • Primary School (grades 1-6): 96

  • Secondary School (grades 1-6): 29

  • Vocational College and Vocational High School: 10

  • Bachelor and Master Degree: 23

Every year Delta Thailand offers scholarships and bursaries for employees and children of employees. All employees are free to apply and recipients are selected with a point-based system that takes into account:

  1. Number of service years

  2. Employee income

We thank everyone who applied and participated in this year’s scholarships. Delta offers everyone the chance to apply and all applicants are graded with the same selection criteria.

Please stay tuned for next year’s scholarship application schedule and process.

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