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Delta Thailand President Message: “One Delta” Means a Safe and Happy Place for Everyone!

By Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL. - Published July 13, 2022

Dear DET Family,

I hope you are all safe and doing well as we prepare to reopen in accordance with the Thailand government’s policy. From July, everyone in the country will begin to live with COVID-19 as an endemic instead of a pandemic.

What’s the difference? Well, a pandemic like the early strains of COVID-19 is a widespread and rapidly spreading disease over countries and regions. In contrast, endemic viruses like influenza that are constantly present in our local area and have a fairly predictable spread. This predictability allows our national and provincial health care systems and doctors to prepare and adapt to reduce loss of life.

In Thailand, the government is gradually easing the mask-wearing mandates and opening up the country. Here at Delta, we will gradually ease restrictions in-line with the regulations and according to the situation. Of course, we still offer booster vaccine shots and encourage anyone to take precautions like wearing masks just as you would during the influenza season.
Recently, we have made many improvements for work and life at our sites. The Plant 1 canteen is fully renovated and at our new Turbon factory and warehouse are cleaned and renovated and our new canteen and eating spaces have fans and music for you to relax during breaks time. We also replaced the lighting to make the corridors and indoor spaces brighter.

Meanwhile, we must always do our part to prevent accidents and keep everyone safe and happy. For your safety, please remember that marijuana or other recently legalized narcotics (in Thailand) are not permitted in the company. To prevent arguments and unhappiness over money, unlicensed lotto or other unofficial cash pool “Share” schemes (common in Thailand) are not allowed in the company under our policy against gambling and substance abuse.
     When we say “One Delta”, I hope this means Delta Thailand can be a safe and happy place for everyone no matter your gender, race, nationality, religion, age or worldview. I want to assure you that Delta management supports Diversity, Equity and Inclusion or DEI and we are ready to start on our change journey with you.

Despite the challenges we faced with the pandemic and supply chain, Delta Thailand is continuing to make steady progress in our sustainability. Recently, we joined the first Climate Leaders Asia-Pacific 2022 list by the Financial Times and Nikkei Asia. We also received the highest designation Zero Waste to Landfill (ZWTL) validation from UL. Our business is growing too with a new MOU signed with PTT for collaboration in the EV industry, EV chargers, renewable energy and batteries.

I also had the honor to represent Delta Thailand to renew an MOU with National Cheng Kung University and sign two new MOUs with National Chung Hsing University, Tzu Chi University and Chiang Mai Tzu Chi School. This will provide training, internship and employment opportunities for Thai and Southeast Asian students. It will also benefit the universities and Delta by facilitating knowledge and talent exchange, joint research and talent development.

Finally, I was happy to see our first Pride Month celebrations at Delta Plant 5. This is the first time for Delta Group to hold an LGBT festival and we hope to continue to make more lasting changes to our company that make Delta a safer more fair and happy company for each one of you.

Let’s all strive for: One Delta!

Yours sincerely,

Jackie Chang

Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL.

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